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Big Build Coming From Kill Devil Diesel

There is much more at work here than what you see in this photo. Very quietly, the guys at Kill Devil Diesel have been piecing together a truck that’s good for 8.50s in the quarter. With fabrication work performed by Rudy’s Performance Parts’ Nathannial DeLong and the truck itself tipping the scales at less than 5,000 pounds, it’ll be a shoo-in for the 5.90 Index class. The company’s race-ready Super Duty will serve as both a way to turn heads at the drag strip but also (and arguably more importantly) to be the test-mule for a host of new 6.7L Power Stroke parts.

Source: https://killdevildiesel.com/




10L1000 Allison Weak Points

According to Randy’s Transmission, the 10L1000 Allisons are going to have major problems. The clutches are blowing through the drum in both bone-stock trim and trucks with only mild tunes in the mix. Over in the Ford camp, it seems the very similar 10R140 isn’t experiencing the same issue. This has been attributed to both different shifting strategies between Ford and GM, and the aftermarket ability to tune Ford’s TCM (vs. GM’s still being locked tight). Either way, Randy’s is on the hunt for a permanent fix for this issue. Look for a billet drum option from them in the future.

Source: https://randys-transmissions.com/


6.4L Excursion


You’ve read about Wayne Yates’ 6.4L Power Stroke-powered ’03 Excursion at dieselworldmag.com before, but now it’s changed hands. And having been listed for $39,500 it’s no wonder it sold so quickly. The one-of-a-kind conversion was once kicked off the track for going too fast…like low 10’s without a cage fast! Wayne’s white whale (which he coined Moby Dick) stormed the 1320 in 10.26 seconds, eclipsing the 130-mph mark in the process. Occasionally, and as you can see in the picture, it was also hooked to the sled. Wherever it ended up, we’re sure it will continue to turn heads.

Source: https://www.strokeworksdiesel.com/




Midwest Winter Nationals

Indoor pulling is a way of life for many during the winter months, and one of the big kahuna events of the winter season, the Midwest Winter Nationals, went down last week and into the weekend. In the 3.0 smooth bore, Limited Pro Stock diesel truck class, Brian Shew stole the show with a 290.98-foot effort in the Iron Maiden Dodge on Saturday night. Shew would also turn in the farthest qualifying distance prior to earning the big win. In Pro Street, Brenden Finck brought home the hardware. When the noise ended in the 3.6 Pro Stock diesel truck class, John Humpe’s “Past Due” finished out front, just inches ahead of Cory Funk.

Source: http://www.whatssmokin.net/


The Puller’s Championship

You know an event is going to be a hit when the fans get to vote in the competitors. That’s exactly what happens with the newly-created Puller’s Championship. Held May 19 and 20 at The Track at Holzhauers in Nashville, Illinois in 2023, it promises two nights filled with the best truck and tractor pulling you’ll find anywhere. Scheid Diesel recently locked Kent Crowder in as a driver in the Super Stock diesel truck class, Crowder having finished third overall at the 2022 affair. On top of the Super Stock trucks, you’ll find Pro Stock tractors, Super Stock tractors, and even the fan-favorite Super Semi’s at The Puller’s Championship.

Source: https://www.thepullerschampionship.com/




Good News For John Deere Owners

The Epoch Times called attention to some very big news for American farmers last week. Entering into a memorandum of understanding with the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF), John Deere agreed to allow farmers to repair their own tractors. According to the AFBF, the new agreement authorizes farmers access to diagnostic and repair codes, field manuals, and various product guides which were previously protected by copyright laws. However, what the agreement doesn’t allow for is the end-user capability to alter emissions controls, adjust power levels, or override safety features.

Source: https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_app/john-deere-signs-agreement-to-let-farmers-repair-their-own-tractors_4980621.html?welcomeuser=1




EPA Proposes Tighter Ambient PM Standard

A proposal to strengthen the ambient (fine particulate matter) PM 2.5 air quality standard has been put forth by the Environmental Protection Agency. In addition, the EPA has also proposed a revision for other aspects related to PM standards, like monitoring requirements and the Air Quality Index (AQI). The National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) were previously reviewed in 2020, under the prior U.S. administration, at which time the EPA upheld the existing standards of PM 2.5 and PM 10. In June of 2021, under the current administration, the agency announced it would be re-examining these PM standards.

Source: https://dieselnet.com/news/2023/01epa.php

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