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The Travels of Daniel Green

The ever-nomadic Daniel Green was on a mission during the recent cold-spell that swept across the country. Instead of hunkering down, he and his ’18 Ram were trekking cross-country with his gooseneck enclosed race trailer in tow. Along the way, the frigid conditions caused him a frozen DEF system, a cracked windshield, a generator that almost wouldn’t start, and a lengthy layover at a truck stop just outside of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Warning: traveling the western section of I-80 during the winter months isn’t for the faint of heart. Good thing Daniel is one of the more determined and prepared individuals you’ll meet. If you haven’t heard of Daniel, the guy has made it a personal goal to race as many events as possible in 2021 and we’re pretty sure he’s going for the record with something like 30-events on the schedule. You can follow along with his travels on our Facebook page where he’ll be doing quick live feeds from each event he attends.



Events, Events, Events


The Diesels Went Down to Georgia

With Lights Out 12 on the horizon, several diesel drag racers are, or will soon be, in route to South Georgia Motorsports Park. Among them will be Firepunk’s Larson Miller in the Hot Shot’s Secret S10, California-resident Rick Fletes and his Duramax-powered Chevelle, and Hardway Performance’s Ryan Milliken, the latter pilot behind the wheel of his brand-new baby blue Nova. After making some test hits at Emerald Coast Dragway over the weekend, Milliken still has a few bugs to work out of the new ride, but if history has proved anything, it’s that he can solve most issues right there in the pits.




ODSS Outlaw Diesel Revenge Becomes Part of UCC 2021

Firepunk Diesel announced over the weekend that the Outlaw Diesel Revenge event in the 2021 Outlaw Diesel Super Series schedule would be merged with the Ultimate Callout Challenge in May. Adding a complete, ODSS points race to what is already a blockbuster of an event should make for one of the most exciting UCC’s to date, and will ensure that top-tier action is always taking place throughout the weekend. If you haven’t yet, make plans now to attend U.C.C. 2021, held May 21-23 at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis.




Diesel World Live Stream From Moab’s Easter Jeep Safari

Easter Jeep Safari sells out Moab every year as Jeeps jam the trails. Fullsize Invasion brings larger vehicles into the mix, so we’re going to tag along this year. We’ll be streaming this years event from the world famous Moab Utah trails, but also from within town at the various events, vehicle reveals and everything else that makes this annual gathering in Moab a can’t miss event. Tune in to our Facebook page, March 31st at Noon PST to catch all the action from Moab! Huge thanks to KC Turbos and BD Diesel for making this stream happen!





Diesel Prices Continue To Climb

There’s no doubt that the cost to fill up your truck is on the rise, but what’s diesel peaking at in your neck of the woods? According to a WGN Morning News article and data compiled by AAA, the national average has increased to $2.85 a gallon, up 10 cents from the previous week, and up from the $2.63 average observed one month ago. To be sure, diesel prices haven’t risen nearly as sharply as gasoline thus far, but that could change. After all, the summer driving season is still months away. Is it as simple as supply and demand at work, or are there other factors driving the cost of diesel up week after week?




Parts Rack


Raybestos 68RFE ZPak Clutch Pack

Overdrive clutch failure is a common theme in Chrysler’s 68RFE six-speed transmission, but Raybestos has a solution that should be included in every rebuild. The company’s new Overdrive ZPak single-sided clutch system outperforms the factory units in terms of torque holding and heat capacity, without coning. ZPak clutches also provide a significant reduction in max core temperatures, in both stock and performance applications. Raybestos’ ZPak clutch system comes with one Overdrive reaction plate, seven Overdrive OD spline GPZ, seven Overdrive ID spline GPZ, one OD/UD pressure plate, and one OD/Rev pressure plate.




Cool-It Thermo-Tec Turbo Cover

Looking to reduce turbo lag and lower your under-hood temperatures? Cool-It Thermo-Tec’s Rogue series turbo cover keeps your turbine spooled by maintaining temperatures inside the exhaust housing. This is made possible thanks to its dual layer construction and precise exhaust housing fitment. Turbo covers are available in carbon fiber or Ricochet style, and for exhaust housings with T3 or T4 turbine inlet flanges. In addition, Cool-It Thermo-Tec’s comprehensive turbo kits feature a turbo cover, a 2-inch x 25-foot roll of exhaust wrap, two 18-inch snap straps, and 10-feet of wire to complete the installation.



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