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A 650HP 6.7L Power Stroke That’s Built for Any Occasion

Despite what the diehard competition crowd would have you believe, a mildly modified, late-model diesel truck can still do it all—and the 6.7L Power Stroke is no exception. Take Nic Hill’s ’14 F-350 for example. After lugging an enclosed trailer around Monday through Friday, you can either find his Super Duty hooked to a 38-foot, triple-axle toy hauler or a 40,000-pound sled on the weekends. In more inclement weather, it’s not out of the ordinary to find a Western MVP 3 V-plow hanging off the front of it. And—as further proof that his Ford is fit for any occasion—it often serves as the family hauler.

As soon as the bumper-to-bumper warranty expired on Nic Hill’s ’14 F-350, he began modifying it. Luckily for him, he was working with the 6.7L Power Stroke, so the valve covers never had to be pulled in order to reach his 650hp goal. A second injection pump and a stronger lift pump have been added in order to keep up, but the factory piezoelectric injectors remain undisturbed.
Aside from tuning, one of the quickest ways to pick up an extra 100 hp on ’11-14 6.7L Power Strokes is by ditching the factory dual compressor wheel Garrett GT32 SST turbo. Thanks to a Premium Retrofit Turbo Kit from Midwest Diesel & Auto, a Streetmax X charger sits in its place at the back of the lifter valley. Based on the variable geometry GT37 that comes standard on ’15-and-newer Fords, Midwest treats it to a billet 66mm (inducer) compressor wheel and a 360-degree thrust bearing upgrade.
An extra 2.5 inches of front ride height is provided by a set of adjustable coil levelers from One Up Offroad. The innovative pieces sit in place of the lower coil spring mounts and by offering 0 to 2.5 inches of adjustability allow you to fine tune the exact amount of lift you’re after. Fox 2.0 Performance Series shocks are employed at all four corners.
In order to get the most out of the highly capable factory injectors, one of Midwest Diesel & Auto’s Dual Fueler kits was added. Just beneath the No Limit Fabrication Stage 2 intake you’ll find a belt-driven CP3 (a CP3K pump from Fleece Performance Engineering). The CP3 shares the task of producing 26,000-plus psi of rail pressure with the factory Bosch CP4.2.

Thanks to running some of the best go-fast and suspension parts in the industry, Nic’s Ford is the perfect example of what the 6.7L Power Stroke is capable of.

High-Flow, ’15-style VGT

After taking delivery of the Lariat trim crew cab in the summer of ’13, Hill knew what the 6.7L Power Stroke was capable of, but he decided to wait until the bumper-to-bumper warranty ran out before ratcheting up its performance. When it was go-time, he contacted Midwest Diesel & Auto for one of its premium retrofit turbo kits and the restrictive factory turbocharger went by the wayside. Its replacement—a Streetmax X—is based on the ’15-newer style variable geometry Garrett GT37 and makes use of a billet 66mm compressor wheel.

Duel Fuelers & Upgraded Low-Pressure System

With the factory Bosch piezoelectric injectors capable of supporting 650 rwhp, they went untouched. However, the CP4.2 would need help maintaining rail pressure and the OEM lift pump would have to be replaced with a higher flowing unit. A Dual Fueler system from Midwest Diesel & Auto adds a belt-driven CP3 to the high-pressure equation, while one of H&S Motorsports’ low-pressure fuel systems ensures consistent delivery is always on hand for the injection pumps.

Fit & Function

To guarantee the truck performs as good as it looks, a host of One Up Offroad suspension components are employed. Up front, a pair of OUO’s adjustable coil levelers provide a 2.5-inch increase in ride height, while adjustable link arms with chromoly joints keep the Dana 60 located under load. Further front end upgrades include a formed axle truss that accommodates a dual steering stabilizer setup. Out back, a Detroit Truetrac keeps both rear wheels digging, and One Up’s long-gusset traction bars, which tie into a pair of 5-inch traction blocks, eliminate axle wrap.


Thanks to running some of the best go-fast and suspension parts in the industry, Nic Hill’s Ford is the perfect example of what the 6.7L Power Stroke is capable of. Once a few weak links are addressed on the ’11-14 Super Duty, it becomes a real contender in today’s high-powered diesel world. Trust us—stock-like drivability and reliability at 650 hp is nothing to scoff at. Of course, the truck’s paint-matched bumpers, grille surround and well-placed Specialty Forged wheels don’t hurt matters, either. A true all-in-one package (performance, versatility, ride quality, and looks), nothing is over the top in this build. Rather, everything is just right.

A low-pressure fuel system from H&S Motorsports keeps the dual injection pump arrangement happy. Thanks to the system’s 200-gph pump and its retention of the OEM ½-inch diameter fuel lines, 50-to-55 psi worth of fuel pressure is always on tap via the Fuelab gauge along the firewall. The H&S system mounts almost exactly where the factory lift pump assembly does, just behind the transfer case.
While the factory TorqShift automatic has handled regular towing tasks, sled pulling, and 650-rwhp extremely well, at 96,000 miles it does experience an occasional flare during the 3-4 shift. Not one to wait around for things to worsen, Nic already has an appointment to receive one of Midwest Diesel & Auto’s full Competition 6R140 builds, complete with a billet stator, Quadralock converter from Sun Coast.
To eliminate wheel hop, maintain an optimum front axle pinion angle, and keep the front end biting, Nic ditched the factory radius arms in favor of One Up Offroad’s adjustable link arms. The adjustable link arms make use of EMF chromoly joints that are grease-able, completely sealed, and fully rebuildable.
Proving that this Super Duty is still expected to work just as much as it plays, check out the Western plow mount. Other front end mods visible here include a formed front axle truss and a dual steering stabilizer arrangement from One Up Offroad.
As for the rear axle and suspension, Nic selected another industry-leading product from the One Up Offroad catalog: the company’s long gusset traction bars. Combined with OUO’s 5-inch, 5-degree traction blocks, axle wrap is nonexistent (as is leaf spring twist). Heavy-duty, ¾-inch U-bolts (each with an adjustable top plate) are also incorporated into the traction block setup.
For added traction in the dirt and snow, a Detroit Truetrac differential is employed in the rear 10.5-inch Sterling, while a finned One Up Offroad diff cover helps keep things cool. Also notice the 4-inch Flo-Pro exhaust system, which culminates in a polished, 6-inch MBRP tip.
To get the most out of the dual fuelers and 66mm turbo, the truck’s PCM and TCM were tuned by the late Morgan Primm of Performance Calibrations Inc. A Mini Maxx monitor allows Nic to keep tabs on rail pressure, pulse width, and boost. At full song (in the “Send-It” file), the turbo builds 40-psi of boost and the truck makes somewhere in the neighborhood of 650-rwhp.


Thanks to being one of the most versatile mud tires on the market, the 35-inch Toyo Open Country M/T’s aboard Nic’s F-350 are tame and quiet on the highway, yet always ready to serve their designed purpose when the pavement ends. A set of polished 22×10-inch SF016 Specialty Forged wheels helps accentuate the chrome in the grille, mirrors, and badging.
The painted to match bumpers and grille surround were subtle upgrades, but they contribute tremendously to the truck’s ultra-clean appearance. High-quality, Morimoto HID projectors were also retrofitted into the factory headlight housings for improved nighttime visibility.
Despite being outgunned in his local Work Stock pulling class—where he’s forced to compete against trailered-in trucks making at least 100 more horsepower—Nic’s Ford holds its own. His daily-driven Blue Oval even dug its way to Fourth and Fifth Place finishes last summer. We’ll add that his was the only truck competing with child car seats fastened to the rear bench…

2014 Ford F-350

Owner: Nic Hill

Hometown: Eureka, Illinois

Odometer: 96,000 miles

Engine: 6.7L Power Stroke V-8

Fuel: Midwest Diesel & Auto Dual Fueler Kit (Fleece CP3K over factory Bosch CP4.2), H&S Motorsports Low-Pressure Fuel System

Air: Midwest Diesel & Auto Premium Retrofit Turbo Kit with stainless steel intake piping, Midwest Diesel & Auto Streetmax X 66mm turbo, No Limit Fabrication Stage 2 intake

Tuning: Performance Calibrations Inc. custom tuning via H&S MCC software, H&S Mini Maxx monitor

Transmission: Factory 6R140 TorqShift automatic

Horsepower: 650-rwhp (est.)

Torque: 1,300 lb-ft (est.)

Tires: 35×12.50×22 Toyo Open Country M/T

Wheels: 22×10 Specialty Forged SF016

Axles: Detroit Truetrac (rear), One Up Offroad formed front axle truss, One Up Offroad front and rear differential covers

Suspension/Steering: One Up Offroad adjustable link arms with EMF chromoly joints, dual steering stabilizers, Icon adjustable track bar, One Up Offroad long gusset traction bars with 5-inch/5-degree traction blocks, 2.5-inch adjustable coil levelers, Fox 2.0 Performance Series shocks (front and rear)

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