Diesel Trucks Come In All Shapes & Sizes!

In the diesel truck community, there’s a ton of different subgroups that like to modify their trucks according to their interests. People might complain about how some trucks look ridiculous, but that’s simply ignorant because by having so many different styles of trucks in the community, that’s the only way you could gauge how your truck stands compared to others. Some people enjoy lifting and squatting their trucks, some people enjoy slamming their trucks and lowering it to the ground, and some people enjoy putting huge tires on their trucks so they can roam the deserts or explore uncharted territory. As a result of these differences, embrace the variety in the community, and you’ll be able to meet new friends and learn more about the different styles of trucks. Below are five unique GM trucks that each have the individual characteristics that set them apart from each other. If your truck is unique and catches eyes at meets and races, take pictures of it and post it on Instagram or Facebook, tag Diesel World, and we might check it out!

Over the Top


Titan ZR2

2,200-HP Common Rail Injection Engine

The 450hp Duramax-Powered ’58 Chevy Apache

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