Meet the test mule for our before and after transmission temperature testing: a ’19 GMC Sierra Denali 3500 HD with 14,000 miles on the clock. It’s been treated to an emissions-friendly tow tune but no TCM tuning, so we’re working with stock line pressure. The owner runs a roofing business and hooks the truck to a trailer every day of the week. When the truck was dropped off at LinCo Diesel Performance’s Troy, Missouri facility, he reported seeing transmission temperature climb higher than 210 degrees on a daily basis.

Trucks That Work Hard In Every Way Possible!

Owning a work truck while in the diesel community is a blessing in disguise due to the modifications that can be added onto work trucks that help with power, efficiency, and durability. Most people who own contracting businesses of various sorts typically use trucks to tow trailers containing their materials and supplies, so having a truck that can get the job done is crucial especially when under time constraints. Think of it almost as a “time equals money” situation, because the longer a truck takes to transport materials or move between jobs, the more money that’s lost as a result. Therefore, by modifying your truck and cutting those loose ends, you’ll save time and money in the long run. Such mods don’t have to be ridiculous either, some could include better turbochargers, fuel injection upgrades, engine tunes for maximized torque while towing, the list continues. These five GM trucks are rigs that are not only used for fun and daily driving but also for work. As a result, they have appropriate modifications that fit their needs. If you own a work truck and are looking for ways to beef up your rig to save time and money, check these trucks out because they could save you thousands!

Better Than New: Randall’s Performance Modified 2015 Silverado

Tow Master: 640HP Daily Driver

A Standard Cab LB7, Built on a Budget

Crank Windows and 650 HP

Country Brawler


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