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Scheid Diesel Extravaganza 25

The only thing hotter than the 90-degree temperatures at this year’s Scheid Diesel Extravaganza was the nonstop action in the dirt, on the drag strip, and aboard the dyno. On the pulling track, competitors and spectators alike were treated to two days of Pro Street diesel and Limited Pro Stock diesel truck qualifying, back to back nights of action-packed PPL truck and tractor pulling, and a fair share of carnage. In a wild string of events, C.W. Cartmell’s Limited Pro Stock Dodge took the win on both nights, despite suffering a violent drawbar failure on Friday evening. Stay tuned for our comprehensive coverage of this year’s Extravaganza.

Source: https://www.scheiddiesel.com/scheid-diesel-extravaganza.html


Records Broken At SDX

Out on the eighth-mile drag strip at Wagler Motorsports Park, the Outlaw Diesel Super Series conducted its fifth race of 2021 under the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza umbrella. Despite many drivers struggling to find traction in the toasty track conditions, the Stainless Diesel crew formulated a work-around that flat-out got the job done. During qualifying, driver Johnny Gilbert put up a 4.86 at 158 mph, which reset the trap speed record in the Pro Street category. In 5.90 Index, Justin Duffy broke out in a big way, but also moved the 4×4 Allison record deeper into the 5’s with his 5.76-second blast at 126 mph.

Source: https://www.outlawdieselss.com/


Mainstream Coverage For Pull Town USA

In the aftermath of the 54th Pull Town USA event in Bowling Green, Ohio, the Performance Racing Industry helped shine some light on the iconic truck and tractor pull. From the history of the event (not to mention tractor pulling history itself) to its expansion in classes over the years to its current class offerings, the National Tractor Pulling Championship received the kind of thorough recognition it deserves. The article ran as part of PRI’s Road Tour experience, and we can only hope that the powers that be within PRI continue to promote the excitement that is truck and tractor pulling going forward.

Source: https://www.performanceracing.com




Too Much Boost?

Is there such a thing? For a stock bottom end 7.3L Power Stroke, the answer is unequivocally yes—but that hasn’t stopped Jacob Rupp from pushing the limits in his ’03 Super Duty. While he knows the factory forged rods are likely a tad shorter after exposing them to 75 psi worth of boost (and who knows how much drive), he won’t let that stop him from trying to win the race. Jacob’s potent parts combination revolves around the use of big hybrid injectors, an S476 from Forced Inductions, good PCM tuning, and plenty of nitrous. At the drag strip, you can find him and his standard cab F-350 creeping deeper and deeper into the 11’s…


The One That Got Away

Matt Kubik is a Ford man by nature, but that didn’t keep him from trying to talk the owner of this W350 into selling it to him. After all, he’s a big fan of old trucks and always on the hunt for a new diesel project. This ‘93 first-gen, four-wheel drive dually he came upon had been parked since 1996, with its only miles having been racked up on a trip to Canada and a few excursions through the mountains back in the day. The odometer reading? Just 7,000 miles! In the end, Matt was unable to obtain it and save it, but it begs the question as to just how many trucks there are left like this out there in the world, just sitting…


OBS Solutions’ Cowboy Truck

Although its “Cowboy Truck” started out as a running joke, it soon snowballed into one of OBS Solutions’ most popular builds. The Oregon-based company’s ’96 F-350 wreaks of top-tier craftsmanship and attention to detail, with ’99-’04 Super Duty leaf springs added to the factory front Dana 60, ’08-’16 springs out back, a Sky’s Off-Road Design high-steer kit, ’05-’07 Super Duty seats, and a flatbed that is as functional as it is aesthetically appealing. As for the powertrain, a 4R100 backs up a T4 turbo-swapped 7.3L Power Stroke which has also been intercooled.

Source: https://obssolutions.net/



OEM News

Keep Your Diesel…GM Just Recalled Every Single Chevy Bolt EV

As if you needed another reason to hold off on electric vehicle technology, General Motors recently recalled all Chevy Bolt EV’s due to fire risk. The recall applies to every 2019 model as well as all 2020-2022 model year vehicles. According to GM, “In rare circumstances, the batteries supplied to GM for these vehicles may have two malfunctioning defects—a torn anode tab and folded separator—present in the same battery cell, which increases the risk of fire.” The recall affects roughly 73,000 Bolt EV’s (in both the U.S. and Canada), forces GM to replace the defective battery modules with new, non-defective ones, and is expected to cost the automaker $1 billion.

Source: https://dieselnet.com/news/2021/08gm.php


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