Derek Rose blasts down the track at the 2014 Scheid Diesel Extravaganza on the way to a win in the 6.60 Index class.

I love me some racing. Hopping from event to event during the season is one of the things I enjoy the most about my job. The scream of the turbos spooling on the line, the wrinkled tire sidewalls, the smell of burning diesel and, well, the raw, unadulterated display of pure horsepower never fails to give me goose bumps and an ear-to-ear grin. Ever since I took the Diesel World reins a little over a year ago, I’ve wanted to create our own event. I’ve toyed with many different ideas, all of which were to be completely innovative, bringing diesel enthusiasts something exciting and completely unique. But nothing really made me think, “This just has to happen.” However, after talking with James Brendle from the Northwest Dyno Circuit at Alligator’s “Hunting For Horsepower” event last Fall, I realized I knew what the first ever annual Diesel World event would be: Teaming up with the NWDC and meeting up in Salt Lake City from the 4th through the 6th of May, we’ll be bringing you the most epic event you’ve ever seen: the “Ultimate Callout Challenge.”


It’s the largest gathering of North America’s most powerful diesel pickups ever done. We’ve got 32 of the highest horsepower trucks that will be competing to say that they have built the best of the best, and the winner will take home at least $10,000 to boot. The event will take place over three days with a dyno contest on day one, quarter mile drags on day two, and a sled pull on day three. Outside the obligatory safety rules and an 8,500 lb. limit for the pulls, there really are no rules. This is a true “run what you bring” and ”spray and pray” event. No brackets, no classes—the highest horsepower number, quickest quarter mile time, and furthest distance down the sled pull track wins. Period. Everything is allowed, from any injectable to swapping transmissions, turbos, injectors, etc. Whatever these guys need to do to win, they will.


First off, you are. UCC will be open to the public and everyone is invited to watch. Competitors include Baca’s 2,100-HP Ram, Dmitri Millard’s 1, 900-HP Duramax, and Jaran Holder’s 1,200-HP Power Stroke to name just a few. While all the competitors will be tweaking their current rides and some will be building brand new ones, the current HP average throughout the field of 32 trucks is at 1,600 hp. Like I said, only the best of the best are going. As James Brendle from NWDC said “This challenge isn’t for some cute 800 to 1, 000-hp truck, this challenge is for the hardcore, diesel sweating grease monkey who can crack 1300+hp or run greater than a 10sec ¼ mile without breaking a sweat.” What really makes me excited for the UCC is there’s nowhere else you’ll be able to see all these “freaks of the industry” compete. It just hasn’t happened before. Of course, every event has their “wringers,” but the UCC will be full of 100% “wringers.” Every single truck will have the very real possibility of breaking records, or unfortunately so, blowing up in the process. Each competitor has put $1,500 of their own money down as a buy in to be able to compete. So, they have a lot at stake here, and we don’t foresee anyone holding back.

It is gonna be epic. It’s gonna be crazy: UCC 2016 will be an event every diesel enthusiast should check out. Tickets will be available on, or Ultimate Diesel Callout Challenge’s website before the event and will also be available at the event. But if for some reason you can’t make it out to Salt Lake in May, don’t worry, live event feeds will be available on the aforementioned sites, as well as on the lead sponsors sites. Stay tuned. This is gonna be nuts, and we can’t wait! DW

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