Since the Jeep became popular decades ago, but more recently with the boom the JK and JL have created, Jeeps are everywhere you go and you’ll rarely be able to hit an off road trail anywhere in the country without seeing one. Several years ago a few friends of mine decided to rebel against this Jeep Invasion at one of the largest gatherings of off roaders each year, Easter Jeep Safari in Moab Utah. Being fans of Fullsize rigs they decided to call this rebellion “Fullsize Invasion.” Fullsize Invasion started as a small gathering of trucks and SUV’s hitting a trail or two and grew into a massive group hitting one or multiple trails per day during the EJS week. On these rides you’ll see anything from mainly stock tow rigs to fully built rock buggies. Everyone is welcome (Jeeps, mini trucks, cars, etc). EJS happens each year the week before Easter, in Moab Utah.


A few years ago they decided to try something a bit different and called out diesel owners for a ride on the slick rock. It would be called “Diesel Invasion,” still part of Fullsize Invasion but with a twist. It was a great turnout with maybe a third of the group running #2 diesel. The next year however was a totally different story. Diesel Invasion drew roughly 35 trucks, all full size, and all but maybe five were diesel. It was a great evening listening to turbos spooling all around me, watching big trucks dominate obstacles their more capable, smaller brethren struggled to get atop. Plus the looks we got from others on the trail. No one could believe we were taking such large vehicles on the trails. The massive size of the group made the reactions even more fun. By the end of the week this group had really become great friends and the comradery was great to see.

Like I said before, everyone is welcome on the Fullsize and Diesel Invasion trail rides. If you’ve never been to Moab, it’s a gorgeous place with tons to see and do. It’s worth the trip for no matter where you call home. Heck, I did 24hrs of driving just to be in town for one day. Put EJS and Fullsize Invasion on your calendars for next year. I’ll see you there. But, if you can’t make it, we’ll be live streaming from the trail during 2021’s event. You can check that stream out on our Facebook page or YouTube channel.

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