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How To ‘Nuke A 68RFE

They’re known for their worrisomely high failure rate (even in “built” form), but splitting a 68RFE case in half is a new one to us. Gillette, Wyoming’s Unique Performance took delivery of a very ill Ram and removed this exploded slushbox in pieces. We’re guessing a driveline issue was the culprit rather than the torquey 6.7L Cummins parked in front of it. Regardless, the only real salvageable component was the converter. Moral of the story: don’t ignore driveline vibrations…they can end up biting you.






Free Drag Racing Lessons

As if you needed one more reason to attend the 2021 Ultimate Callout Challenge, which is being combined with the ODSS Outlaw Diesel Revenge event this year, some of the industry’s most successful drivers will be coaching novice and first-time drag racers. That’s right, from 9 am to noon on Friday May 21, anyone interested in diesel drag racing can show up in the staging lanes for a free education on how to properly pre-stage, stage, and get from A to B most effectively. Firepunk Diesel’s championship-caliber cast of drivers, Scheid Diesel’s Jared Jones, Stainless Diesel’s John Gilbert, and a handful of others will be on hand offering personal instruction.






Kill Devil Diesel’s Boss 429

On the cutting edge of 6.0L and 6.4L Power Stroke performance over the past several years, Kill Devil Diesel recently pieced together a wild 6.4L-based build. Intended to do lots of damage on the pulling track, the big bore 429 ci the folks at KDD are referring to as their Boss 429 sports an internally balanced crankshaft, Wagler rods, and forged and coated Mahle Motorsport pistons inside a PSP dry block. A full Jesel valvetrain is employed to withstand the high rpm and extreme duty the 7.0L V-8 will see. With the hashtag #2000hporbust associated with it, this 6.4L-based power plant should be pretty serious.




Now Hiring: Lead Foot Diesel

Looking to get your foot in the door at one of the busiest diesel shops in the South? Lead Foot Diesel Performance of Monroe, Georgia is on the hunt for a Cummins tech. If you’re familiar with the 6.7L Cummins, the guys at Lead Foot want to hear from you. The company keeps busy with a couple 6.7L head gasket jobs each week, along with turbo and transmission diagnostics and replacements. Competent and interested parties are encouraged to call 770.267.3322 for a chance to join the Lead Foot team. Ask for Vinny Himes!






Harsher Emission Standards May Be On The Way…

Trump-era environmental policies continue to be undone, and the U.S. EPA recently issued a notice of reconsideration for its 2019 decision to withdraw the Clean Air Act preemption waiver for California greenhouse gas emissions and zero emission vehicle programs. If finalized, the action will restore the state’s ability to issue and enforce its own greenhouse gas and fuel economy regulations, which would also mean that other states could adopt California’s more stringent GHG emission standards. The EPA will be accepting public comments and concerns on the notice of reconsideration until July 6.




Parts Rack


Nitto Ridge Grappler

All-terrain where you want it, mud terrain when you need it. Nitto Tire’s hybrid terrain Ridge Grappler has changed the game for diesel trucks. It’s quiet and tame on the highway thanks to Nitto’s renowned variable pitch tread pattern, yet still manages to shine off the beaten path thanks to its aggressive lateral z and shoulder grooves. The best part? There’s a Ridge Grappler for every truck. From 16 to 24-inch wheels, 91 different sizes are available, including F load range versions for trucks that spend time working at their GCWR.




Cool It Turbo Cover

Maximize your turbocharger’s performance with a turbo cover from Cool It Thermo-Tec. The company’s turbo covers employ a unique, dual layer construction that keeps the turbine spooled up, reducing turbo lag and noticeably improving the drivability of your T3 or T4 foot turbo. In addition, its turbo cover reduces under hood temperatures, improves horsepower by maintaining operating temperatures inside the turbo, and each unit comes with wiring for easy installation. Carbon Fiber and Richochet style covers are available for both T3 and T4 turbochargers, and pricing starts at $169.99.



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