Truck Fest usually brings out a full field of show and shine competitors and this year was no exception.

Checking out y’all’s rides!

After a couple of installments of publishing some of y’all’s rides, we’ve decided to compile the submissions into a centralized Readers’ Rides publication. We’re pleased to keep receiving more pictures of the rides, and it’s encouraged to continue sending them in. No matter what the story is, your truck is unique and we want to make sure your story can be heard! Send us pictures of your trucks by posting them on Instagram or Facebook, tag Diesel World, and we’ll check them out!

Part 1: Readers’ Rides Collection

Part 1: Readers’ Rides Collection

This is part 1 of our Readers’ Rides Collection. We’ve been getting tons of requests and we love them, so keep ’em coming! No matter the make, modifications, or style, if we think your truck has what it takes, send your submissions and we might post your story! Going to car meets is tough especially during times of COVID-19 because organizers are halting meets for social distancing reasons. As a result, part 1 is a quick way to check out some other people’s rides without having to risk getting the virus. These rides are unique and super cool so if you’d like to be featured, post a picture of your rig on Instagram or Facebook, and tag Diesel World.

Part 2: Readers’ Rides Collection

Part 2: Readers’ Rides Collection

After the first installment of the Readers’ Rides Collection, we decided to post part 2. These posts are excellent ways to check out fellow community-members rides without possibly risking getting COVID-19 during these bizarre times. Hearing stories about other people’s builds is inspiring and is sure to motivate others to keep working on their builds. Additionally, people tend to overspend a lot of money working on their builds, so you’ll be helping people save money by finding more affordable brands with competitive quality. If you want your truck to be featured in these installments, post a picture of your truck on Instagram or Facebook, tag Diesel World and we could check out your story!

Hopefully, by checking out some of these trucks, you get some ideas for a possible project truck or get that extra bit of motivation to open the garage and resume working on your truck. And remember, stay within your budget, do the research on parts, and don’t give up on your build!

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