Michael Scofield’s Family Project: 2017 Ford King Ranch

It would be hard to argue that the 2017 Ford F-250 is anything less than a beautiful, well-designed truck. All new for 2017, the F-250 was converted to a military-grade aluminum alloy to shave body weight from previous model years. The truck was also given an all-new, fully-boxed frame consisting of high-strength steel, with substantial axles and more-robust steering and chassis components. All of this saved 350 pounds of weight over the previous model years. Furthermore, if you equip it with the King Ranch package, you have a powerful truck that is both capable of handling hard work and insanely luxurious inside—and that’s before the Scofields get their hands on it.


In the past few years, the name Scofield has become synonymous with fast cars and big trucks. Though the company is relatively new, the Scofields are not new to the performance game. Scofield Performance in Brandon, Fla., specializes in custom projects and is run by a number of Scofields, including Michael, who owns this beautiful 2017 Ford F-250 King Ranch.

Getting the Ford high enough to clear those 40-inch Toyo’s is handled by an adjustable air suspension system from Ultimate Air Ride that allows for 9 inches of lift all the way up to 13 inches.

The 2017 F-250 was bought in August of 2017 and immediately went under the knife for eight weeks of cosmetic and performance work.


Tyler, Jeff, and Danny Scofield joined Michael to complete the build. It’s only fitting that it was a family project, considering he credits his family with getting him into the sport in the first place 12 years ago. The hobby would quickly become a passion for Michael.

Bumpers of choice are from Fusion and are packed with LED lights from Bullseye Retro. Up front a grille from Overkill Fabrications is right at home and looking good.

The White Gold King Ranch has been equipped with a 9-13-inch Ultimate Air Ride suspension kit. UAR’s tallest kit sets down at 3.5 inches over stock and is considered a complete suspension conversion rather than a “lift kit.” The kit replaces the original coil or leaf springs with Firestone Air Springs, and the brackets, link arms, and track bars locate the axles and mount the air springs in place. The kit comes complete with all of the necessary brackets, including the front track bar mount with matching dropped pitman arm, air springs, link arms, rear track bar assembly, and all of the fasteners needed for installation.


Michael decided on shocks from First Over All Off Road Shocks (F-O-A), which is the shock recommended by UAR. The 2.0-inch remote reservoir shocks are custom valved for use with UAR air suspensions, with 12 inches of travel in the front and 16 inches of travel in the rear. Michael chose to pair the kit with an Air Lift Performance on-board air system.

Under the hood, the 6.7L Power Stroke benefits from a 5-inch stainless steel exhaust system from FloPro, an intake from AFE, all brought together with tunes from PPEI via the EZLYNK system.

Specialty forged SF023 wheels were chosen in 24/16, wrapped in Toyo M/T Open Country rubber (24×15 front, 24×15.5 rear). They’re secured with True Spike lug nuts.

Wheels of choice are a massive set of 24×16 inchers from Specialty Forged wrapped in a set of 40-inch Toyo M/T Open Countrys.

Though the F-250 with 6.7L turbo diesel makes 440 horsepower and 925 lb-ft of torque from the factory, Michael’s truck boasts 1,000 lb-ft of torque and 650 hp thanks to an EZ LYNK programmer, custom tuned by PPEI Custom Tuning.


Visually, the King Ranch has had quite a few modifications to make it stand out from the crowd. Starting with the F-250’s beefy body lines, Michael decided on an Overkill Fabrications grille shell, which was installed along with Fusion front and rear bumpers. Bushwacker fender flares were chosen for the front and rear of the truck, while the door handles and mirrors were painted to match the color of the truck’s body. All paint work was done by James Anderson in Brandon, Fla., who also painted all of the chrome and the tailgate plate to match the body color.


Bullseye Retro was used to handle all aspects of lighting, and the stock taillights were tinted to blend with the truck’s mean appearance. The truck’s windows were tinted 15% all around to keep out the Florida rays and give the truck a menacing look.

Inside, Michael jams out to a Sundown Audio amplifier and six 6.5-inch Sundown Audio speakers located under the rear seats. Divine Sounds installed the system in Tampa, Fla. The rest of the interior has retained its stock Ford look. How could you go wrong with the King Ranch’s leather-wrapped everything?



Owner: Michael Scofield
Hometown: Brandon, Florida
Engine: 6.7 Liter turbo diesel
Engine Management: EZ LYNK
Horsepower/torque: 650/1,000
Exhaust: Flo~Pro 5-inch stainless
Transmission: Stock
Rearend: Stock
Suspension: Ultimate Air Ride 9-13” kit
Body/Exterior: Bullseye Retro lighting, True Spike Lug Nuts, Bushwacker Fender Flares, Overkill Fabrications Grille Shell, mirrors and door handles painted to color match.
Paint/Wrap: Paint by James Anderson
Bumpers: Fusion
Lighting: Bullseye Retro
Interior: Stock King Ranch interior with Sundown Audio amplifier and speakers
Wheels: Specialty Forged SF023 –24×16
Tires: Toyo M/T Open Country 40×15:50×24

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