The Mules Of Diesel Racing

Mules are extremely hard workers that are commonly known for pulling large wagons and other agricultural equipment, typically on the heavier side. These trucks do exactly that but scaled to the power of a couple thousand mules. These trucks are heavily modified to be able to pull their weight and in the fastest manner possible. Truck-pulls are large events and it’s a pretty lucrative market, hence why teams compete extremely hard to win these competitions. These five trucks are strong opponents in truck-pulls and should be approached carefully if you plan on winning against these trucks!

Addicted: A Homebuilt 2,500hp Super Stock Diesel Class

All in the Family: The 2,800-Horsepower Sled Puller

Oversize Load: The 3,000-HP Sled Killer

Against the Grain: 3,000-HP Triple Turbo Puller

Cumminzed Out: The 1,850-HP Dodge

These trucks are absolute beasts and if you have a pull-truck that you think could compete against these, make your way to a competition and we’ll check you out! Stay safe and keep building!