Push N’ Pull

In the diesel truck community, the two main events that are heavily attended consist of drag races and truck pulls. Both of them attract lots of spectators, however, the trucks are tuned differently depending on the event. The trucks that attend the pulls are modified for continuous power delivery and torque maximization to be able to pull the weight quickly. On the other hand, drag trucks are tuned to generate the greatest acceleration in the shortest amount of time. In the realm of truck pulls, this is a collection of five GM trucks that are well-recognized and have exceptional performance in these competitions. It’s important to note that the truck pulls can take trucks that are work trucks and not strictly used for the competitions. Diesel trucks are all about versatility, so when a truck can compete in these events and still be used for industrial work, that’s commendable. With some mind-numbing horsepower counts, check out these workhorse diesel rigs that could pull just about anything you told it to!


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