10 ICONIC SEMA RIDES - Diesel World

Battle of The Builders!

As this week begins to wrap up, the anticipation for 2019 SEMA only continues to grow larger. Diesel World has featured plenty of builds from past SEMA events, each one being uniquely mind-blowing. Considering SEMA is practically the aftermarket modification capital, it only makes sense to revive the same communal feeling of excitement, as thousands of gearheads prepare to make their pilgrimage to arguably one of the largest automotive expos in the world. Below are ten builds that are definitely worth checking out regardless if you plan on attending this year’s SEMA or not!


The Perfect Pair – RLC and BDS’s Super Duty Builds

Titan ZR2



Plum Crazy: 1,200-HP Cummins Plymouth

Diamond Duster: One Slick Vintage GMC

Max Torc: The 1,500-HP ‘Cuda

Street Diesel Performance’s 2015 Ford F-450

Royalty Core’s Wild SEMA Ram