At the 2016 TS Performance Outlaw Drag Race, Steven turned off the nitrous, detuned the fueling and ran the 12.0 Index class. He would end up finishing in second place in a 32-truck field. It takes a lot of talent to slow a truck down by more than a full second and remain competitive. This speaks volumes as to Steven’s driving abilities, and also to how well he knows his truck.

Making Your Rocketship Even Faster!

In the truck community, attending races of various sorts isn’t a bizarre occurrence, if anything, it’s encouraged. Attending races allows owners to get exposure to other trucks with unique engine setups and modifications. By meeting new people and seeing others’ project trucks, you can learn some tips, get some parts recommendations, or get that extra motivation to keep working on your truck. Truck racing takes many forms and the main three being drag racing, pulling competitions, and monster truck races. The trucks that enter these races are very heavily modified and go through lots of testing to find where performance can be optimized in any way possible.



Competition Guide: How to Build a Race Truck

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