State of the Racing Industry


RPM Act Continues To Gain Support in Congress

Thanks to over 1.1 million letters getting sent to legislators, the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports Act of 2021 (RPM Act) has been reintroduced in the House of Representatives. Nine new legislators are now on board, with the total number of RPM Act co-sponsors up to 56, which is made up of 40 Republicans and 16 Democrats. However, the fight isn’t over. Manufacturers, businesses, racers, and retailers are urged to keep voicing their support for the RPM Act until it becomes law. Only then will the automotive motorsports industry as a whole know with certainty that it is legal to convert a street vehicle into a dedicated race vehicle.





Living On The Edge

When the Stainless Diesel guys lost the trans-brake due to a wiring issue at Outlaw Diesel Revenge and had to abort their last run in Pro Street, they were bummed. Later on, when they discovered the deck-plated, 2,500hp Cummins was self-destructing, they were relieved they weren’t able to make a pass under full power and risk crashing at high speed. It’s true that everything happens for a reason—and that little wire that took them out of racing potentially saved a horrific on-track failure from occurring. Look for team Stainless to get a new engine turned around before the Hollyrock Summer Showdown on June 25—where they will no doubt continue their hunt for 4.70s.






Diesel Chevelle Hits Midwest Drags Tour

Look who showed up for Summit Racing’s Midwest Drags? None other than California’s Rick Fletes and his famous Duramax-powered ’70 Chevelle. The Drag-N-Drive event calls on racers to compete at three drag strips in four days’ time, but also mandates that the race vehicle be driven to each racing venue—something that’s right up Rick’s alley. Things kick off June 1 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio, head to Edgewater Raceway in Cleves, Ohio for Day 2, move over to Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis on June 3, and then return to Summit Motorsports Park for a final day of racing on June 4.





Warming Up For A Long Season

The Limited Pro Stock pulling schedule is yet to officially kick off in 2021, but Jason Wayman found time to get a test hook in over the weekend. His MegaCab Dodge, better known as Megatron, is rumored to be cranking out roughly 100 more ponies than anyone else in the Limited Pro Stock class this year, so make sure and keep tabs on this nasty third-gen. His crack at the sled came at the Green Castle Fire Department’s Annual Memorial Weekend Truck Pull in Green Castle, Missouri.




Wagler’s Pulling Track Just Got Even Better

Wagler Motorsports Park will host the first Indiana Truck Pullers Association (ITPA) hook of the summer this Friday, June 4 at its Lyons, Indiana location. In preparation for the pull, 65 new loads of clay were hauled in and worked into the existing surface prior to the forecasted rainfall’s arrival. The full ITPA show will feature the 3.0 smooth bore, Limited Pro Stock diesel truck class. Since taking over (and renaming) Lyon’s Raceway Park, owner Jeremy Wagler has continuously improved the grounds as well as added the pulling track and a race track for side-by-sides. Wagler’s also remains the host site for the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza, which will be here before you know it.


 Post Of The Week


Jose Lugo’s Cummins Powered Creation

If it’s true that the more you do something, the better you get at it, then Miami’s José Lugo’s skill in creating imaginative rat rods might be approaching perfection. José already has five hand-built, patina creations in his past and each was better than the last. This one is trophy-rat numba-six! Check it out, link is below:


Truck of the Week


Is The World’s Cleanest Second-Gen For Sale?

It’s graced the cover of Diesel World, has been converted to 6.7L common-rail Cummins power, and wears one of the most unique paint jobs we’ve ever seen—and it might be for sale. After pouring his heart, soul, and a boatload of money into his ’02 second-gen, Kenneth Donkersgoed is entertaining the idea of letting his Dodge go, to the right home of course. His 750hp second-gen also packs a full manual valve body 48RE, Yukon 3.73 gears and chromoly axles, and a Dynatrac free-spin hub kit. The odometer shows just 84,000 miles of accumulation and the interior reflects the low mileage as well. If you’re interested, you better hunt Kenneth down on social media before he changes his mind!


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