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Tractor Talk: The Big, The Bad, The Ugly


By Jim Allen Almost from the beginning of the farm tractor, farmers and engineers fooled around with coupling two tractors together to put more power (more..)

Driveway Beast


By Bob Ryder Photography by Trent Riddle        Jakob Bonser from Loveland, Colorado, always wanted to build something of his own—something (more..)

Tractor Talk: Dyno Testing Tractors – Plug a…

Diesel World-TT

Chassis dynamometers are a well-known and fun part of the diesel pickup world. Power Take Off (PTO) dynos are familiar to tractor owners, but unknown (more..)

Tow ‘N’ Show

Diesel World-Ford

We all know that diesel trucks are designed to be strong and capable of pulling heavy loads. That doesn’t mean that they can’t look good doing so (more..)

Project Work Truck: Part 3, Better Braking

Diesel World-Work

Many enthusiasts think about adding more power or making their truck look better. The last thing on their list is figuring out how to better stop thei (more..)

Tractor Talk: Cutting Edge- Fednt’s X Concep…

Diesel World-Tractor

We spend a lot of time here at Tractor Talk looking at the past, but this time we’re going to look into Fendt’s crystal ball and see what the futu (more..)