Feature: Old School 1949 Dodge Power Wagon

At the recent Chicago Auto Show, a Nissan Frontier with an all-new 2.8-liter Cummins diesel was unveiled. We had a chance to chat with Jeff Caldwell, Cummins general manager for pi Read more...
Nature or nurture? That’s the eternal argument over whether or not automotive enthusiasts are born or raised that way. For most of us—including Johnny Ramirez of Payette, Idaho Read more...

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Tractor Talk: The Big, The Bad, The Ugly

By Jim Allen Almost from the beginning of the farm tractor, farmers and engineers fooled around with coupling two tractors together to put more power to the ground. In 1970, International Harvester p

Driveway Beast

By Bob Ryder Photography by Trent Riddle        Jakob Bonser from Loveland, Colorado, always wanted to build something of his own—something that would be big, bad and different. When he was
Diesel World-TT

Tractor Talk: Dyno Testing Tractors – Plug a…

Chassis dynamometers are a well-known and fun part of the diesel pickup world. Power Take Off (PTO) dynos are familiar to tractor owners, but unknown in the truck world. We thought you’d like to see
Diesel World-Ford

Tow ‘N’ Show

We all know that diesel trucks are designed to be strong and capable of pulling heavy loads. That doesn’t mean that they can’t look good doing so or even be customized for show. We’ve all heard