The F450 frame was primarily left stock, since it was already strong enough for the build. To begin the mods, this truck had the stock steering replaced with an SDP custom steerin Read more...
Michael Corsilli of Pasadena, Maryland thinks of diesel drag racing when the topic of American pastimes and values—the Armed Forces, Old Glory and baseball in spring—comes up Read more...

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Driveway Beast

The crew at 5 Knights Custom Accessories out of Lubbock, Texas, has been working on custom vehicles since they were all old enough to turn a wrench. They’re all gearheads and love what they do. 5 K

Tractor Talk: The Big, The Bad, The Ugly

Now, building a rig from ideas scribbled on a napkin has never worked. Since the beginning, these ideas went from a rough drawing to concept art first. Artists took pen in hand to make drawings befor
Diesel World-TT

Tractor Talk: Dyno Testing Tractors – Plug a…

Chassis dynamometers are a well-known and fun part of the diesel pickup world. Power Take Off (PTO) dynos are familiar to tractor owners, but unknown in the truck world. We thought you’d like to see
Diesel World-Ford

Tow ‘N’ Show

We all know that diesel trucks are designed to be strong and capable of pulling heavy loads. That doesn’t mean that they can’t look good doing so or even be customized for show. We’ve all heard