Just Off The Showroom Floor!

These two trucks are 2020 models that are planning on being released and/or have already been released. The newer trucks are unfortunately getting more expensive, because of the technology and inflation. These increased prices are likely to decrease with a couple of years thanks to depreciation. These trucks look very streamlines with aggressive lining while maintaining a futuristic aesthetic. These trucks are very likely to perform well once COVID-19 subsides because financial situations are being stressed. Additionally, Ford recently announced the selling of the new 2021 Ford Bronco. Very exciting news in the truck community and the diesel community is making strides with increased biological research to eliminate the emissions created by diesel exhaust while continuing the use of diesel engines for freight, cargo, and other forms of transportation.

The $100K Pickup: GM Mulling Six-Figure Silverado

Sippin’ Silverado: 2020 Duramax Gets up to 40mpg

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