Always Be Careful Of Who You Approach On The Strip!

Whenever you decide to attend a drag race, always pay attention to what vehicles make the crowd go insane the most. Often, these vehicles are sleepers, or better known as the underdogs of a race. They’re called sleepers because these trucks will typically assume that since there are no significant external modifications, that there aren’t any in the engine. However, these sleepers approach the drag strip, and then everyone’s head turns to see who’s truck is rumbling the entire grandstands and of course, it’s the truck nobody thinks is going to win. Then once the light turns green, the truck that looks “stock” is already halfway down the strip. These wins are the most amusing to watch because people get so surprised that the truck that looks like a typical street truck is secretly a behemoth packing close to or above a thousand horsepower. So if you ever plan on betting on a race, you can make an occasional leap of faith on a truck that may appear as stock because sometimes, it might just blow the competition out of the water.


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