When the suspension is aired down, the stance of this truck is enough to take your breath away, hovering just above the ground on all sides.

The Low-Riders Of The Truck Community

These trucks are very unique in their style compared to the conventional diesels seen in the truck community. Typically, people are all about the lifted n’ loud trucks, however, there’s a group that likes generally the same, but a bit lower. These trucks fancy the aesthetic upgrades and their ability to sit low like a classy Cadillac. In the car community, “bagged” cars typically associate with the JDM sector, which includes Japanese imports like the renowned Toyota Supra MK4 and R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R. These JDM community members would tune their cars to hell and back while tricking out the aesthetics by lowering them and adding street modifications. Anyways, these trucks share a similar aspect of the JDM culture while also showing off the strong and mighty American engineering. Check out these diesels and if you see one at a show, go and talk to the owner because it’s more than likely that they would love to describe their inspiration and process of their build!

Slammed Super Duty Ford Dually

A Bagged & Tagged Street-Smart Diesel

Purpose-Built: Balancing Function and Form

When the Wife’s Away: What Happened to the Negative Camber Family Hauler?

Tow ’N’ Show: A Ford F-350 Built for Dual Purposes

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