Building Cars And Trucks To Help Wounded Warriors

Kelly Fromm knows what it’s like to be a soldier. While in the 82nd Airborne Division of the U.S. Army, he spent a lot of time jumping out of airplanes and doing other high-risk endeavors. That’s just the way soldiers operate—you do what needs to be done at the time.

“One of the things we like about Fromm’s trucks is that he drives them.
He drives the snot out of them.”

Sometimes the damage doesn’t show up for years. Fromm has his own physical issues due to his service but he prefers to spend his time working to help those who have been dealt far worse situations. Honoring these soldiers, giving back to their families, and creating awareness of those who sacrificed to defend our freedom as Americans has been Fromm’s goal for a long time.

There’s not an inch of this truck that wasn’t touched by something custom.
Kelly Fromm is passionate about helping wounded warriors and he takes his decked-out Camaro all over the country to raise awareness. He uses this 2015 GMC Denali to haul the car and trailer.


A few years ago Fromm set up the Rev-It-Up For Wounded Warriors Memorial Tour and took a 2010 Camaro, dubbed “Veteran1” all over the country. This car is seen by 75,000 people every month and has often been called the most well-known 2010 Camaro in the world. At last count, Fromm has raised more than $190,000 for different charities that support veterans and their families.

“Underneath the wrap are stickers that say things such as Loyalty, Respect, Honor and Integrity.”

One of Fromm’s favorite charities is the Active Dog Academy Service Dog Foundation. This group breeds, trains and grants service dogs and equipment for working service and therapy dogs. Fromm himself has a helper dog that’s always by his side. The Wounded Warrior Project, of course, also benefits from Fromm’s fundraising. Fromm has taken the Camaro to shows, parades, military bases, VA nursing homes, and lots of other places where people appreciate “American muscle.”

The graphics were applied using 3M 1080 digital camo wrap. There are words underneath the wrap that only show up when light is shined on them.

Tow Rigs

But this isn’t a car magazine, so we’re done talking about the Camaro. The thing is, Fromm has built a couple of outstanding pickup trucks to tow said car around the country. We’re talking show-quality trucks, SEMA trucks. Fromm knows no other way. The first truck was called “Fallen Warrior,” and the next one was “Freedom Fighter.”

Fromm is a GM man so when it was time to build a new tow rig for his criss-crossing America trips he chose a 2015 GMC Denali 3500HD 4WD Duramax dually. This one is called “High Honor” and it’s definitely the best truck he’s built yet. And one of the things we like about Fromm’s trucks is that he drives them. He drives the snot out of them. There’s no babying these trucks on his watch.

The first thing everyone notices about the Denali is the 3M 1080 digital camo wrap. But there’s a twist. Underneath the wrap are stickers that say things such as Loyalty, Respect, Honor and Integrity. But, true to the nature of camo, the words don’t always show up. You might miss them entirely, but shine a light on them and they jump out at you, thanks to the UV coating. Sounds to us a lot like a metaphor for Fromm bringing attention to wounded warriors.

Lifted Stance

The stance is probably the next big thing that people focus on. The 6.5-inch High Clearance System from BDS Suspension includes Fox 2.0 shocks at each corner. The big lift allows for 22-inch Fuel Full Blown wheels with Toyo M/T tires 35×12.50×22. The wheels are held on with lug nuts that look like .50-caliber bullets from V&V Concepts. Bushwacker pocket-style fender flares give additional tire coverage. Fromm had the flares wrapped in carbon fiber film.

The Iron Cross heavy-duty front bumper was outfitted with Offroad LED light bars.
Royalty Core’s grille was mounted with Offroad LED Bars to light up the night.
The BedSlide 1500 Pro CG allows Fromm to load and unload the bed with minimal effort.
Twin LED light bars from Offroad LED truly light up the night when switched on.
There are cameras mounted all over the truck so everything can be monitored.
A Banks iQ 2.0 partners with an Edge CTS tuner to control the Duramax diesel engine, providing more power and better fuel economy.


Up front Fromm installed a Royalty Core RX-3 grille and a pair of Offroad LED Bars. While the factory projection headlights were left intact, the front bumper was replaced with a unit from Iron Cross and it was filled up with LED lights and cameras. Iron Cross also supplied the steps to make getting into the truck a tad easier. Adding to the heavy duty theme is a Rackworks storage rack on the roof. It holds four 50-inch Offroad LED light bars and a few more surveillance cameras. The rear bumper is from Iron Cross and, you guessed it, the thing is loaded up with LED light and cameras.
The interior of the truck was not forgotten as Fromm spends a lot of time on the road with this beast. The custom center console includes a 17-inch Accele monitor and an iPad holder. Roadwire leather seats were custom embroidered with the High Honor logo and a custom headliner was installed. Plus a few more cameras are installed throughout the interior. The truck also has a CB radio and police scanner.

“The 6.5-inch High Clearance System from BDS Suspension includes Fox 2.0 shocks at each corner.”

Bed Tricks

The bed seems to have gotten just as much attention as everything else. A BedSlide makes it easy to get equipment in and out of the back of the pickup, while a Truck Covers USA American Work Cover Jr. tonneau cover looks good and protects the stuff inside the bed. A TransferFlow 61-gallon fuel tank ensures that the truck can go a long way between fuel stops.

The wheels are 22-inch Fuel Full Blown models with lug nuts that look like .50-caliber bullets (from V&V Concepts). Toyo Open Country M/T tires provide lots of traction for any offroad excursions and are relatively quiet on the highway.
Diamond Eye supplied the diamond-shaped exhaust stacks. They connect to a complete Diamond Eye system. The Truck Covers USA American Work Cover Jr. tonneau cover protects valuables and looks good doing it. The cover rolls up into the storage box when not needed.
There’s a slew of electronics in the 2015 GMC, including a CB radio, police scanner, iPad and more.
Just after our photo shoot Fromm added this RK Sport Ram hood. He’s always tinkering with the truck and might never stop.

Under the hood the Duramax 6.6L diesel engine benefits from an aFe cold air intake and a Diamond Eye performance exhaust system. Diamond stacks in the bed add to the serious look of the truck. Banks Power IQ 2.0 and Straight Shot methanol injection combine with an Edge CTS tuner for power, fuel economy and monitoring abilities.

Wherever Fromm’s Camaro goes, there’s always going to be a truck to help get it there. And when Fromm is involved, the truck is certainly going to be nice, very nice. It’s quite an honor to know the man, we must say. DW

[divider]Build List: 2015 GMC Denali 3500HD 4WD[/divider]

Duramax 6.6L LML
3M digital camo wrap
6.5-inch BDS Suspension lift
Fox 2.0-inch shocks at all four corners
22-inch Fuel Full Blown wheels
35×12.50×22 Toyo M/T tires
Bushwacker pocket-style fender flares
Royalty Core RX-3 grille
Multiple Offroad LED bars
Multiple surveillance cameras
Iron Cross bumpers and steps
Rackworks roof rack
17-inch Accele monitor in center console
Custom-built Roadwire leather seats
Custom headliner
CB radio
Police scanner
Truck Covers USA American Work Cover Jr. tonneau
Transfer Flow 61-gallon fuel tank
aFe cold air intake
Banks Power IQ 2.0
Banks Straight Shot water-methanol injection
Edge CTS tuner
Diamond Eye performance exhaust with Diamond Stacks
RK Sport Ram hood

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