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Diesel Hot Rods That Pack A Punch

Among this list are some of the craziest looking builds that may look worn or small, but pack immense amounts of horsepower and internal modifications. These boosted trucks are surely eye-catches not only at typical car shows, but also drag races. These classy rides may have old bodies, but the inside is ripe and ready to demolish any competitors that might try to go against them. With that being said, these trucks deserve the attention and the owners deserve the praise for working with such old trucks and persevering to create some of the most bad-ass trucks ever seen! If you have a diesel hot rod that you think deserves the attention, post pictures of it on Instagram or Facebook, tag Diesel World, and we’ll check it out!

Ratical Rod: Wild ’32 Hudson Rat Rod

Plum Crazy: 1,200-HP Cummins Plymouth

Diesel Royalty: Custom 1956 Dodge Royal Roadster