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27,000-Mile Beauty

Unicorns do exist! Well, at least in ultra-low-mile OBS Ford form they do… Zach Lewis brings his Super Cab long bed out of hibernation now and then for the occasional Sunday drive, and by the looks of things it’s never seen a drop of rain. The well-preserved F-250 4×4 has just 27,908 miles on the odometer, and appropriately gets looks everywhere it goes. It’s extremely rare to find ’94.5-’97 Fords in this kind of condition anymore, which is probably why Zach’s OBS isn’t up for sale.




Ready for Race Season

Making things official, Logan Yelton hauled JP Jeanpierre Libert’s ’07 Dodge down to Emerald Coast Dragway in Holt, Florida, to earn his National Hot Rod Association competition license. Yelton plans to campaign the third-gen in the ODSS 5.90 Index field this season with a for sale sign in the window. The 7.50-certified standard cab Dodge is powered by a sleeved 6.7L Cummins from KingSpeed, has cut 1.19-second 60-foots, and run mid 8’s in the quarter-mile. This is the third NHRA competition license that’s been signed off on at Emerald Coast Dragway.




Tech Tip for Dual HPOP 6.0L Owners

KC Turbos recently shed some light on the high-pressure oil pump filters that come with many aftermarket dual HPOP systems for the 6.0L Power Stroke. What most people don’t know is that these filters are serviceable—and should be periodically inspected and/or cleaned to avoid potential carnage. If the HPOP fails and the filter goes unchecked, it can clog up with metal debris, deform, and start routing shrapnel through the IPR. Eventually the metal makes its way into the injectors, too. To prevent this chain reaction failure from happening, keep an eye on the contents in your HPOP filter!




A Glimpse Inside Precise EDM’ing with DDP

Known for building some of the best-performing injectors in the industry, Dynomite Diesel Products recently divulged some interesting info about the electro discharge machining (EDM) processes it will soon be carrying out. First and foremost, the EDM machine sits on a gel-padded set of feet to isolate it from the ground, which produces the most precise holes possible. Thanks to the EDM machine’s precise accuracy, the repeated hole tolerance is within 50 millionths of an inch, and hole size increments will be every tenth of a thousandth of an inch. What does all of this mean? It all boils down to a reliable injector that both makes huge power while also controlling smoke output.




Big Power 6.7L Ford Changes Hands

North Coast Diesel Performance’s Tyler Brancifort added another truck to his growing collection recently with the acquisition of Maryland Performance Diesel’s 6.7L Power Stroke race truck. Known for his affinity for big singles and lots of nitrous, look for Tyler to build a billet rod engine for the truck, bolt a 75mm or larger turbo in place, and spray his way to 1,500 hp. While the particulars of the truck’s specific setup are still unknown, Tyler does have plans to get a single-digit quarter-mile pass out of the gutted Super Duty. Having already daily driven a 10-second, 1,200-rwhp ’11 F-350 for years, Tyler is no stranger to pushing the limits and illustrating what can be done with the 6.7L Power Stroke platform.




Watered-Down Diesel Takes Out a 6.4L Power Stroke

It’s every late-model diesel owner’s worst nightmare: getting into a bad batch of fuel and toasting their $10,000 injection system. It happened to one 6.4L Power Stroke owner in Acworth, Georgia, who unknowingly topped off his tank at a gas station with diesel storage tanks that had been contaminated with water. In a matter of minutes after leaving the pump, the high-pressure fuel system was trashed and the Super Duty was hauled to a local mechanic. The diagnosis was catastrophic: the high-pressure pump had taken out the injectors and sent shrapnel all the way back to the tank. The cost of damages is expected to be paid for by the gas station, along with its sales of diesel fuel banned until it meets industry test regulations.



Parts Rack


CARB-Compliant CP3 Conversion

Looking to make your LML Duramax more reliable without having to worry about breaking emissions laws? S&S Diesel Motorsport has released its 50-state CP3 conversion kit, which requires no ECM tuning changes in order to work seamlessly with the existing injection system, and that carries a CARB E.O. number! For $2,500 you get a brand new Bosch CP3 and all the parts required to bolt it onto your ’11-’16 Duramax—a far cry from the $7,000 to $10,000 you’ll have to pay if (or when) the factory CP4.2 self-destructs and takes the injectors out with it. Competition CP3 conversion kits are also available.



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