The red, black, and chrome 5.9L Cummins engine that powers Jason Boatwright’s ‘76 Ford sits low in the Ford’s cavernous engine bay, making this body style a good swap candidate. The engine makes approximately 650 hp and 1,350 lb-ft to the wheels, thanks to a host of performance upgrades.

Conforming Is Underrated

In the diesel truck community, there are a few engine assignments considered “the norm”. For the Dodge trucks, they usually have a Cummins engine under the hood. For the Fords, they usually have a Power Stroke engine. For the GM trucks, they often have a Duramax diesel engine under their hoods. However, these norms are sometimes breached by people who may have a loyalty to a specific engine brand but have an atypical truck for that engine. These changes are bizarre, but typically accepted in the truck community. Engine swaps are common in the racing industry so typically the swaps are associated with greater numbers in performance. Additionally, some pitfalls of specific truck manufacturers can be mitigated by swapping the engine. Either way, these swaps are unique and still render some badass trucks!

The Maxx: 800-HP Dmax-Swapped H2




Classic Lines, Cummins Power

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