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Another Pro Mod In The Works

It’s officially more than rumor: the Pro Mod class is expanding for 2021. Next racing season, you’ll find Stainless Diesel’s John Gilbert behind the wheel of a split-window Corvette. In what will likely be a sub-3,000-pound car packing a Cummins power plant capable of 3,000 hp, you’re looking at yet another contender to break into the 3’s next year. If you pay a visit to Stainless Diesel’s YouTube channel, you can get a sneak peek at this bad machine, which is currently in the care of HammerTech Racecars.






Competitive 5.90 Roller For Sale

Looking to break into one of the fastest fields of diesel drag racing and not have to fight all the guess work that comes with a new chassis? Austin Doidge’s second-gen was one of the most competitive trucks in the 5.90 Index category in 2020, finishing second in the ODSS points chase, and now his proven chassis can be yours. The championship-caliber truck is up for grabs as a roller, and Austin is asking $28,000 or best offer. It tips the scales at well under 4,000 pounds and has proven capable of cutting 1.2-second 60-foots on a regular basis.




Pushing the 68RFE

Red Horse Motorsports’ Dallas Penn has made it his mission to advance the Chrysler 68RFE platform in recent years. Now, in addition to owning the chassis dyno record for the ’07.5-present six-speed auto (1,606 hp and 2,596 lb-ft), he’s pursuing the quickest time slip with one. With a quick trip to Xtreme Raceway Park in Ferris, Texas over the weekend, his standard cab fourth-gen pulled off a 6.85-second eighth-mile at 103 mph. And despite the 1.63-second 60-foot, the truck left the line fairly soft. With a harder launch, the current record for a 68RFE of 6.71 could be well within reach.




Heavy-Duty History

Everyone knows or has at least heard of a D10 ‘dozer, the massive, tracked bulldozer produced by Caterpillar. Back in 2003, John Neichter reported that one of the original D10’s produced in the late 1970s was still in operation in a coal mine near Madisonville, Kentucky. At the time, the frame had more than 100,000 hours on the clock and the mine’s maintenance manager stated that it’d had five engine replacements, along with five hour meters. To put it into perspective, 100,000 hours equates to 4.5 million miles driven in a Class 8 truck. After the photo and article on the D10 resurfaced recently on social media, many are wondering if it’s still alive, moving earth somewhere. If you know of its whereabouts, drop us a line!




Tell Congress To Pass The RPM Act

Time is slowly running out to make it clear to your representatives that it is legal to convert street-based vehicles into dedicated racecars. As Congress decides which issues it will take up in the final weeks of its 2019-2020 legislative session, you need to urge them to add the RPM Act to the docket. According to the EPA, current law does not explicitly allow street vehicles—cars, trucks, and motorcycles—to be converted into racecars. You can make your voice heard by signing the letter and submitting it to your local Congress member at the link below.




Parts Rack


Banks PedalMonster

Sick of your truck’s dead pedal feel? The PedalMonster from Banks represents the first-ever OBD-II data connected throttle sensitivity controller. With over 30 levels of control, you can fine-tune your throttle response to your liking, along with reading boost, EGT, and other powertrain vitals via the 2-1/16-inch (52mm) analog gauge. The PedalMonster also features built-in safety features such as ActiveSafety (fail-safe circuitry with health monitoring), Reverse Safety (returns pedal back to stock in reverse gear), and Adjustable Low-Speed Trim (how fast throttle sensitivity is added at low speeds).




Alliant Power’s New L5P Injector Program

Alliant Power has announced one of the most comprehensive remanufactured injector and injection pump programs for the L5P Duramax. Its injector and pump kits (called EXCLUSIVEKITS) are available for ’17-newer GM 2500 and 3500 HD pickups, as well as ’19-newer GM 4500, 5500, and 6500 HD and International CV trucks powered by the L5D engine. All fuel system components are backed by a 24-month, unlimited mileage warranty, and fully supported by the company’s top-tier customer service and technical support team, available through its nationwide dealer network.



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