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Engine of the Week


Wagler’s P-pumped DX460 Steals the Show at PRI 2019

All the madness surrounding Wagler Competition Product’s new mechanical injection DX460 didn’t go unnoticed by the officials that hand out the JE Pistons Masters of Motors award. At the 2019 PRI Show, Wagler and his talented team took home the honor—the first time it’s ever been awarded to a diesel engine. With the floating water-to-air intercooler core, custom billet inline pump in the valley, and massive (6-inch) Pro Stock turbo up top, it’s no wonder Wagler had one of the busiest booths at the PRI Show. Look for this monster to see dyno time in the near future, as the folks at Wagler try to push beyond the 3,000hp mark.

Source: https://waglercompetition.com/




Haisley Machine’s New 24-Valve Super Stock Cummins

Haisley Machine brought one heck of a conversation piece to PRI as well, and parked it front and center at the ARP booth. Interestingly enough, the company’s latest Super Stock mill, a deck-plated Cummins with a billet 18mm pump from Wimer Fuel Injection & Turbo, featured a 24-valve cylinder head. A sleeved, factory-based 6.7L block still seems to be part of Haisley’s recipe, along with triple turbos, water injection, and a 4-disc clutch. Other highlights for the 3,000-plus horsepower Cummins include SMT’s roller rocker system, a 4-core water-to-air intercooler from Sandridge Customs, Custom Floater bellhousing, and a ProFab Machine reverser.

Source: http://haisleymachine.com/




Injector Tech with S&S

S&S Diesel Motorsports’ Andrew Stauffer doesn’t get in front of the camera very often—but maybe he should! In a recent video posted to Facebook, Stauffer explained the difference between energizing time and injection duration in common-rail injectors, and that the two are very different. For instance, between the start of energizing to the start of injection on a solenoid valve injector, there is always a slight delay (300 microseconds), with an even bigger delay occurring between the end of energizing the injector to the end of it actually injecting fuel. Stauffer then goes on to explain that a slightly shorter delay exists when opening a piezo injector, but that the end of injection is significantly longer. Check out the S&S guys on Facebook to learn more.

Source: https://ssdiesel.com/




How Many Turbos Again?

Remember the six-turbo test-bed Cummins from OptiTorque Technologies? Well, the P-pumped monstrosity finally saw some dyno time recently. Strapped to the engine dynamometer at Infinite Performance, the very first pull under load produced 2,105 hp at 5,200 rpm. Overall boost pressure checked in at 130 psi with just 97 psi of drive pressure (drive pressure on the manifold turbos was actually within 3-psi). The atmosphere chargers made 43 psi of boost with 33 psi of drive pressure. An unfortunate injector line failure led to a fire when raw diesel hit the smoldering exhaust manifold, which cut the dyno session short, but both companies have promised there is much more to come…

Source: https://optitorque.com/



Collecting Trophies

Diesel drag racing’s First Lady, Mindy Jackson, picked up her 5.90 Index class trophy at the ODSS banquet on December 13. However, unbeknownst to her a second accolade awaited the talented driver of the Old Hustle, New Flow Cummins: the ODSS Rookie of the Year honor. In her first full season behind the wheel, Jackson’s tremendous consistency allowed her to collect three event wins and also put in solid efforts at the events she didn’t. It’s also worth mentioning that, being based out of Texas, Jackson spent much of her summer on the road, which no doubt made earning both awards that much sweeter.

Source: https://www.outlawdieselss.com/



OEM News

2021 Chevrolet Suburban

2021 Chevrolet Suburban

2021 Chevy Suburban’s and Tahoe’s Will Get a Duramax

Big news from the GM camp: the Duramax is coming to its full-size SUV’s. While they won’t be receiving the 6.6L, a Duramax will grace 2021 model year Suburbans and Tahoes. The same 277hp, 460 lb-ft version of the inline-six 3.0L Duramax in ’20 half-tons will make its way into the fresh SUV’s, as will independent rear suspension and significantly increased interior space. As the only full-size SUV available with a diesel option, highway fuel economy could reach 30-mpg. The Duramax will be optional on all trim levels for the Tahoe and Suburban, except for Z71 models.

Source: https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a30173547/2021-chevy-suburban-tahoe-photos-info/



Deal of the Week

While parting out his 7.3L race truck, a short bed Super Duty that went high 10’s in the quarter-mile, owner Dennis Schroeder of Strictly Diesel listed a set of 400/200 hybrid injectors for sale for just $2,000. Built by Swamps Motorsports, the 400cc hybrids featured 200-percent larger nozzles and had less than 300 miles on them when pulled. However, just to be sure they were 100-percent ready to go, the hybrids were checked out before being listed for sale. We’re speaking in past tense because they’ve been sold, thanks to being price for $1,500 less than they cost brand new. But while they’re gone, it’s proof that great deals on parts are out there if you’re willing to look—and sometimes they’re even available from highly reputable sources like this.

Source: https://www.strictlydiesel.com/


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