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Stainless Diesel’s New Pro Mod

Zoomies? Why not when you’ve got Firepunk’s Cody Fisher doing the fabricating. This picture means one thing: Stainless Diesel’s new Pro Mod Corvette is close to finished. But what will the split-window ‘Vette sound like when it’s all said and done? Short answer: wild. Up ahead of the zoomies sits a Stainless-massaged GT55 turbo, which is bolted to a billet-aluminum Cummins from Wagler Competition Products. It will be S&S fueled, backed by a TH400, and has the potential to light the Pro Mod category on fire. Keep your eyes peeled for this wild ride to hit the track this year.

Source: https://www.stainlessdiesel.com/




Fact Or Fiction, A ’20 Ford Super Duty Makes 500-rwhp, Stock?

Is this even possible? According to the rock-steady SuperFlow chassis dyno at Edge Products it is. You’re reading that right, a bone-stock 2020 Ford Super Duty laid down 498-rwhp and 1,086 lb-ft of torque on its rollers while a ’21 Ram and a ’20 Chevy produced far less. To make sure their findings weren’t a fluke, the folks at Edge sourced a second 2020 Super Duty as well as a 2021 Ford for additional testing. All of them dyno’d within 5 horsepower of one another! So, is the 6.7L Power Stroke better able to maintain its horsepower at higher altitude than the others (Edge’s dyno sits at 4,500 feet)? Full disclosure: an HO version of the 6.7L Cummins has not yet been tested, but we highly doubt it will make much more than 400-rwhp, let alone close in on 500 ponies.

Source: https://www.edgeproducts.com/


The AS69RC May Never Be The Same

Randy’s Transmissions continues to set the bar for the AS69RC transmission market. Now, the Tooele, Utah company is even building its torque converters in-house. Sold for $1,995 plus a core, Randy’s AS69RC converter features five lockup frictions and from the looks of it, a billet stator. Look for these fluid couplers to hold some serious power and stand up to stupid amounts of abuse in your late model Ram. Fully tested and soon to be widely-proven, look for these converters to sell like wildfire for HO Cummins owners that’ve had limited transmission upgrade options in the past.

Source: https://randys-transmissions.com/




Pro Truck N/T Class At Lights Out 13

Things just potentially got even more interesting for the diesel crowd at Lights Out 13. The creation of the Pro Truck N/T category invites any truck, on any tire, with any size engine to compete in a run what ya brung type of class. The class is presented by S&S Diesel Motorsport, which has been heavily involved in the radial tire showdowns we’ve all come to watch in the winter months, and the class pays $5,000 to the winner. It all goes down February 24-27 at South Georgia Motor Sports Park.

Source: https://ssdiesel.com/



OEM News

40 Millionth Ford F-Series Rolls Off The Assembly Line

Since 1947, Ford has been building its F-series truck, with the first F-1, F-2, F-3, and F-4 trucks first on sale in 1948. More than 70 years later, Ford is celebrating the 40 millionth F-series truck rolling off the assembly line. Combined with 45 consecutive years as America’s best-selling truck and 40 years running for the country’s best-selling vehicle, completion of the 40 millionth F-series certainly has a nice ring to it. Upon leaving the plant, Ford reports the historic truck was bound for Texas, and headed straight to work.

Source: https://www.ford.com/


End Of An Era: VW Retires The Passat

It was produced for the U.S. market for nearly 50 years, but recently Volkswagen Passat production came to a halt at the automaker’s Chattanooga, Tennessee factory—for good. Some 800,000 Passat sedans were produced at the Tennessee facility, many of them diesel, but the last one to leave was a Limited Edition ’22 model wearing a coat of Platinum Gray. If you recall, Passat’s powered by the 2.0L TDI were implicated in the diesel gate scandal that rocked the automotive world a few years back. To be sure, the Chattanooga factory will continue to operate full steam ahead, but with VW’s electric ID.4 EV on the line, as well as the Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport SUV’s.

Source: https://www.vw.com/en.html



Parts Rack

New 7.3L Tool From Rosewood

If you know the struggle that is getting a 7.3L Power Stroke to fire up after an injector change, then you will truly appreciate this simple tool from Rosewood Diesel Shop. Its high-pressure oil rail bleeders thread directly into the rails, are see-through and visibly indicate when all air is purged from the rails. On top of that, the shortened initial cranking cycle Rosewood’s bleeders provide can save your truck’s starter (and batteries) a lot of unnecessary wear and tear. Its high-pressure oil rail bleeders retail for $33.

Source: https://www.rosewooddieselshop.com/


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