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The Power Service Rail Windows Its Block

Graced with fresh driveline parts and after finding some hidden horsepower, John Robinson and the Power Service Diesel Race Team loaded up the Cummins-powered rail and headed for Tulsa Raceway Park. Unfortunately, and with the dragster already having run a 6.47-second quarter-mile at 219 mph, something upset the number 5 rod journal on John’s third pass. When the rod left the billet-aluminum block, this gaping hole was left behind. Not to fear, the Power Service team already has another short-block in the works. Look for them to be back in action in a few weeks.





Covid-19 Loophole?

As the world continues to socially capsize and the guidelines for state reopening’s get blurrier and blurrier, some gear heads are thinking outside the box. Given the fact that public gatherings are limited to 25 people or less in North Carolina while special exceptions are allowed for public peaceful protests, the owner of Ace Speedway held a circle track event in “peaceful protest of injustice and inequality everywhere” on Saturday night. The result? More than 2,000 spectators attended, cars raced around the oval, and it was almost a normal summer night in Alamance County.




We’re Going Racing! Again!!


The Diesel World Drags presented by Smeding Diesel, Round 2

May 23rd marked our ever first diesel drag race but more importantly it marked the first diesel event since March for the industry. Well we want more racing, so we’re doing it again. July 11th at Wagler Motorsports Park in Lyons Indiana. Drag racing with some of the quickest and most dedicated diesel racers in the country in attendance. Due to COVID-19 regulations we will be live streaming the vent via Facebook and YouTube. Also due to the Rona, at this point it looks like we may be able to allow a certain amount of spectators. More on that to come. Diesel racing is back!!!



2020 HollyRock Summer Diesel Showdown Canceled

More sad news for the 2020 Outlaw Diesel Super Series racing season. The HollyRock Summer Showdown, set to be held on June 26-27 at Virginia Motorsports Park, has been canceled. As a state with one of the stiffest lockdown orders in place following the outbreak of Covid-19, Virginia is reopening slower than surrounding states, with crowd size limitations being a key factor in the cancelation of the HollyRock Summer Diesel Showdown. The next stop on the ODSS circuit will be the Rocky Top Diesel Shootout held in Crossville, Tennessee July 24-25, and it’s expected to go on as planned.




Emission News


California Sues EPA Over Emission Standards Rollback

California, along with 22 other states, is taking the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to court over the Trump administration’s rolling back of CAFÉ and GHG emission standards for 2021-2026 model passenger cars and light trucks. The suit filed by the state of California claims that both the EPA and NHTSA have bypassed congressional provisions in enacting the rollbacks, and that they relied on flawed and faulty analysis when doing it. The new emission standards which prompted the suit were finalized by the EPA and NHTSA and reduce the annual emission reductions from nearly 5-percent a year to 1.5-percent a year.






Jesse Warren’s Super Stock 6.0L Gets More Air

Looking to upsize the turbo arrangement on his Super Stock Ford, Jesse Warren posted a picture of the 5.0-inch inducer turbo from Wimer Fuel Injection & Turbo he may soon be running in conjunction with a 4.1-inch unit. The giant windmills are part of one of the most serious HEUI-fired 6.0L Power Strokes in existence (notice the twin high-pressure oil pump arrangement here as well). Look for this radical, 5,500-rpm 6.0L at the 2020 Scheid Diesel Extravaganza, where Jesse will be mixing things up with the Cummins and Duramax competition in pulling’s highest horsepower class.





’85 C10 With a 7.3L

The folks at Kill Devil Diesel recently hit the chassis dyno with their ’85 Chevrolet C10, a project truck that’s powered by a 2000 model year 7.3L Power Stroke. It’s rocking a ZF-6 manual transmission, a four-linked rear suspension and 10.5 Sterling axle, sports a set of Full Force 160/30 injectors, Jelibuilt tuning, and a stock turbo—for now. The reason behind the visit to the dyno was to test KC Turbos’ all-new Stage 2 KC300x charger, a turbo with a 63mm compressor wheel and a 73mm turbine. Compared with the restrictive factory turbo (a 60mm), gains of 50 hp or more should be possible.





Parts Rack


Hybrid Cummins Injectors

When you’re running a large bowl QSB piston with a 6.7L ECM and need to make big power as cleanly as possible, custom-tailored injectors from F1 Diesel are the answer. In this case, coils from 6.7L Cummins injectors, control valve assemblies from a Duramax injector, and 5-hole SAC style 5.9L nozzles make for the perfect combination. They also use special hold-down clamps, and radial corner, high-strength, 12-point aircraft-grade bolts to secure them in place.



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