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Love it or Hate it…

Chevrolet recently blew up social media when it revealed the stamped bar grille design for its 2020 HD trucks. As predicted, initial reactions from most GM fans were positive, while loyalists of other brands hardly felt the same way. But while this bombshell photo garnered most of the attention, some forgot to read the fine print: the stamped bar grille is optional…the bowtie will still be found on ¾-ton and larger Chevrolet Silverado HD’s. In addition to the expanded grille options, Chevy is offering five well-defined trim packages for 2020 (Work Truck, Custom, LT, LTZ, and High Country), all with distinct exterior design details specific to each trim level.


Dual Triple Turbos


If Optitorque Technologies and Infinite Performance were looking to steal the show at PRI 2018, it worked. This six-turbo arrangement features two pressure stages, four forward-facing chargers, two rear-facing, a mixture of BorgWarnerss (atomospheric) and Garretts (high-pressure). Underneath all the snails and piping, there is in fact an engine—a 443 ci Cummins to be exact. The big cube Cummins was fitted with a billet-aluminum 12-valve head, a 20mm Sigma injection pump, and is said to be a test engine platform for a new line of engine fasteners. With this kind of air and fuel on tap, astronomical boost might be on the table, and a fastener that can stand up to that kind of pressure might just be worth it.


MPD 6.7L PSD Girdle Coming Soon

DW-DIESELNEWS-03With main cap walk beginning to occur as early as 700-rwhp on the potent 6.7L Power Stroke, the folks at Maryland Performance Diesel have been working on a solution. That solution is a main cap girdle. In addition to the girdle being constructed of thick steel, MPD plans to tie it into the oil pan rails. On top of that, billet main caps are also in the works. This should help keep high-powered, street-driven 6.7L Fords alive (and reliable) well beyond 1,000 hp.


Diesel Engine Builder of the Year


After a long and successful 2018, the folks at Freedom Racing Engines (the machine shop/engine building arm of Fleece Performance Engineering) were rewarded at the end of it by earning the Diesel Engine Builder of the Year award at the PRI show. In particular, the company’s Comp 6.4 Cummins program was celebrated, as was its new billet-aluminum block. With Borowski Race Engines and Don’s Auto Parts & Machine Shop winning their respective categories as well, the guys at Freedom Racing Engines find themselves in very good company.


OEM News

Ford Trucks: Still Selling Like Hot Cakes


Following a review of Ford’s November 2018 sales figures, the company revealed that F-series sales have now topped 70,000 units for nine consecutive months—a new record. Even as Ford’s overall sales declined 6.9 percent in November, truck sales were strong (even though F-series sales were down 2.3 percent compared to November of 2017). A whopping 72,102 pickups left dealer lots in the eleventh month of the year. In addition, Ford’s F-series continues to bring close to record level transaction prices of $47,000 per unit, which is $1,800 higher than the segment average.


Ram Brand Sales up 44 Percent


Ford wasn’t the only OEM setting records in November… Ram brand sales shot up an incredible 44 percent with an impressive number of vehicles moved. The previous record, set in November of 2016, sat at 42,511. This time, sales nearly crested 58,000 with 57,970 vehicles leaving dealerships nation wide. The record sales were made possible in large part due to Ram 1500 models, with 2500 and 3500 trucks playing a vital supporting role in the numbers. Ram brand vehicles include: Ram 1500, Ram 2500/3500, Ram ProMaster, and Ram ProMaster City.


Parts Rack

First Aftermarket L5P Rods

DW-DIESELNEWS-07Now that the L5P Duramax can be tuned and S&S Diesel Motorsport offers bigger injectors for the ’17-newer 6.6L, it only makes sense that stronger internals are being brought to market. And who better to bring the first aftermarket L5P rods to fruition that Wagler Competition Products? Its rods feature an I-beam design, a locator to eliminate offset caps and maintain a true bore, are made from 4340ACQ, and are produced to fit factory pistons with no clearancing required. All rods come standard with 7/16-inch ARP2000 rod bolts, each set is balanced to a +/- 1-gram standard, and they’re capable of handling more than 2,000 hp.

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