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Don’t Call It A Comeback…Yet

According to a Speed Twitch article from April 30th, Ford has applied to trademark the Excursion name. Is this a sign we’ll see a return of the world’s largest production SUV, and will it be available with a 6.7L Power Stroke? In an age where FoMoCo is finishing up its new take on the Bronco, we think this might just be Ford’s next big move. Speculation is rampant so far, but surely the new ‘Ex’ will be based on the Super Duty chassis, presumably with a base model being offered with the 7.3L gas V-8 and the aforementioned 6.7L Power Stroke available as an optional upgrade. Please Ford, don’t make America’s biggest SUV EV-only.



DW Drags Square Promo

Diesel Event Season, in a New Way

We at Diesel World are diesel fans in every way. Having our race season/event season taken away by COVID-19 just wasn’t somethinhg we were ok with, so we’re starting our own. Partnering with the Outlaw Diesel Super Series this Memorial Day weekend head to our Facebook page and watch the first ever Diesel World Drags Presented by Nitto Tire. That’s right, we’re hosting a race, but no we’re not thumbing our nose at the virus, we’re doing this the safe (and legal) way. The event will be closed to the general public with extremely minimal staffing (other than for safety, of course) while observing strict Social Distancing and sterilization requirements. We’ll have some of the fastest diesel racers in attendance running head-to-head in standard ODSS racing fashion. It will be a live-feed event you’ll not want to miss, that’s for sure.




Scheid’s Machine Shop is Humming Along

After breaking ground on an all-new, in-house machine shop in 2018, Scheid Diesel’s new operation is a hive of activity. At the center of Scheid’s capabilities is its cylinder head services. From stock to 3,000hp and billet-aluminum heads to remanufactured units, a wide variety of options are available. Pressure and vacuum testing, magnafluxing to check for cracks, resurfacing, guide bushing installation, valve seats, and fire-ring cutting are all on the table, along with servicing every 5.9L or 6.7L Cummins head from ’89 to present. On top of all of that, Scheid also has the capacity to machine its own billet Cummins blocks.




Triple-Turbo, 1,000hp BMW!

Santjer Performance Development is at it again. You might remember these guys for having made 678 hp and more than 1,000 lb-ft with their 3.0L BMW (Diesel News 2-3-20). Now, they’re taking the 335d sedan-derived M57 engine to the next level, treating it to a triple-turbo arrangement and S&S Diesel Motorsport 2,250 cc/min injectors. Supporting the injectors is a pair of CP3’s with tuning coming by way of an EDC17CP09 ECM. The 3-liter Bimmer engine is believed to still be sporting the factory bottom end. Talk about pushing the limits!


Event News

Canceled: ODSS Outlaw Diesel Revenge

As a result of Ohio state regulations continuing to limit travel and crowd size at public gatherings due to COVID-19, the Outlaw Diesel Revenge drag race scheduled for June 5-6 at Kilkare Raceway has been canceled. As the host company behind the event, the guys at Firepunk Diesel exhausted every avenue before making the announcement, but the uncertainty surrounding the race regarding both allowable spectator turnout and sponsors being unable to commit to anything proved to be the nail in the coffin. In its first year (2019), the Outlaw Diesel Revenge surpassed all expectations, so despite the stoppage in 2020 all parties involved are already planning for a successful return in 2021.



Parts Rack

Edge Insight CTS3

Remember when Edge released the CTS2, an improvement over the already wildly popular CTS monitor? Well, the team in Ogden, Utah has done it again. The next generation Insight CTS monitor, the CTS3, is faster and more capable than ever. The full color, 5-inch capacitive touch screen features auto dimming, an advanced integrated data logger, and the clearest data viewing ever offered. A new, swipe capability provides for easy switching between screens as needed for towing, racing, or fuel economy, and like previous versions you can read and clear DTC’s, integrate additional gauges and parameters, and mount it securely thanks to the included windshield mounting bracket. Last but not least, the CTS3 is Wi-Fi updateable.




Alliant Power L5P Fuel System Components

Meeting the demand for quality, replacement injectors and high-pressure fuel pumps for the L5P Duramax (as well as the L5D used by International), Alliant Power has released its remanufactured L5P common-rail injector and Denso pump programs. Alliant’s programs provide OEM-equivalent fuel system parts to its aftermarket customers, and all new products come with a 24-month, unlimited mileage warranty, along with Alliant’s best-in-class technical support. Additionally, to make things easy the company’s “Exclusive Kits” include everything required to service the injectors or pump (seals, fuel lines, gaskets, etc.) under one part number.



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