Diesel News – UCC Announcement; OEM Suspends Sales; and more

Announcement Of The Week

U.C.C. Returns To Its Roots

It’s settled. At Ultimate Callout Challenge 2023, the most captivating truck challenge in the land will return to a one-truck, three-event format. After allowing more than one truck per team in 2022, which most competitors took advantage of during the sled pull competition, a single vehicle will have to endure the tortures of the drag strip, dyno, and pulls next year. As many know, the rule change for 2022 was met with large swaths of fans both opposed to it and in favor of it. With the old rules back in place and the action once again being held in Indy, make sure you’re there June 2-4.

Source: https://ultimatecalloutchallenge.com/




L5P’s Can’t Float

You’ve seen it before, but that doesn’t make it any less painful to watch: the stomach-turning loss of a truck at the boat launch. This colossal mishap occurred on Lake Springfield in Springfield, Illinois. Witnesses said the driver appeared to have backed the truck too far into the drink, then with the rear tires losing traction couldn’t get back out. The victim was an L5P Duramax-powered GMC 3500 dually that’d just been made road-worthy again following a wreck thanks to a fresh engine and body work. This time, it’s pretty safe to say it’s totaled.

Source: https://newschannel20.com/


DynoJet Dyno For Sale, Anyone?

A lot of things come and go on the interweb, but Yellowbullet remains an excellent source to score fast rides, performance parts, or in this case the ultimate tool for building horsepower. The low-hour, in-ground, single roller Dynojet 224XLC chassis dyno is listed for $26,500 out in SoCal. The 224XLC features an eddy current brake and is 2,000hp capable. All the bells and whistles go with it, including the PC/monitor, computer stand, rpm input, all cables and install/user guides, not to mention the DynoWare RT hardware package software. This would be a solid buy for any shop that hosts an annual open house/dyno day or that tunes vehicles regularly.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/Yellowbullet-classifieds-787404364661518



OEM News

GM: Number 1 in Full-Size Pickup Sales In Q3

Since increasing its manufacturing capacity, General Motors’ Chevrolet Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD sales have surged. In the third quarter, GM and its dealers were able to translate improved semiconductor (i.e. chip) supplies, stable production, and increases in dealer inventory into roughly a 3-point improvement in retail market share, year over year. At the same time, significant sales gains were made in the commercial fleet market. Unknown to most, GM sold more full-size pickups than Ford in 2020 and 2021—and is on pace to do it again in 2022.

Source: https://newspressusa.com/publicReleaseView/74541/8468?token=SBo6IlxqGBcV7Fl8m6Y0&email_encrypt=Y2FyZ3V5NDIxMUB5YWhvby5jb21FbWFpbEhhc2g=


GMC Introduces Its Most Luxurious, Advanced And Capable Sierra HD Ever

The 2024 model year will take GMC’s HD trucks to new heights in terms of luxury. The automaker’s new Sierra Heavy Duty Denali Ultimate boasts a unique grille, Vader chrome badging, exclusive 20-inch ultra-bright machined aluminum wheels with high gloss black accents, and unique fender badging. Additional features include a six-way MultiPro tailgate with a standard Kicker audio system. Power-assist steps also come standard on the Sierra Heavy Duty Denali Ultimate. In the cab, an exclusive Alpine Umber interior entails full-grain leather appointments and open-pore Paldao wood trim. Like the Chevrolet variants, the L5P Duramax under the hood gets a boost over previous models. Power figures for GMC check in at 470 hp (at 2,800 rpm) and 975 lb-ft of torque (at 1,600 rpm).

Source: https://newspressusa.com/publicReleaseView/74585/8478?token=tiCuwOWRxZBXRfPyL1R1&email_encrypt=Y2FyZ3V5NDIxMUB5YWhvby5jb21FbWFpbEhhc2g=



Hino Suspends Sales Of More Trucks

As proof that manufacturers are having problems meeting today’s emissions standards nearly everywhere, Hino, the Japanese truck and engine maker, has suspended sales of further medium-duty truck models equipped its N04C diesel engine utilizing HC-SCR aftertreatment. This comes on the heels of a massive sales suspension and recall of several truck models back in March, when representatives of Hino admitted the company had submitted fraudulent data in order to obtain emission and fuel economy certifications. Japan’s transportation ministry is expected to conduct a full investigation of the company. Hino Motors is an affiliate of Toyota.

Source: https://dieselnet.com/news/2022/08hino.php


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