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New Diesel Pro Mod Record

It’s been an extremely busy week in diesel drag racing, but perhaps the Firepunk Diesel crew has been the busiest. Jumping head first into the radial tire world and taking a big step toward the 3’s in the process, Larson Miller and his team brought the Hot Shot’s Secret-sponsored Pro Mod S10 to No Mercy 11 at South Georgia Motorsports Park—and they killed it. After going 4.23 at 177 mph, Miller reset the fastest diesel door car record (and nearly pulled off the fastest pass in all of diesel) with a 4.11 at 181 mph. On the weekend, team Firepunk would make more than 20 passes and collect a best 60-foot of 1.06-seconds. Their 3-second eighth-mile is definitely coming. It’s just a matter of when at this point.




Racing Highlights


P-pumped 7.3L Mustang Dips Into the 4’s

Out in Kansas, Matt Kubik set a new personal best eighth-mile in the Demented Mustang, the infamous P-pumped 7.3L Power Stroke-equipped pony car that holds the world’s fastest Power Stroke record in the quarter-mile. His 4.91-second trip through the ‘660 marked his first sub-5-second pass, his previous best being a 5.04 made three years ago. Kubik believes the switch to slightly taller tires will bring more consistency to the table. How cool would it be to see this mechanical monster going rounds, keeping pace, or beating gas Pro Mods?




The Fastest Pro Street Diesel in the World…Is FOR SALE!

After winning two championships and setting multiple records, John Gilbert has decided to put the world’s fastest Pro Street diesel on the market. The truck has proven capable of running 4.80s repeatably, but could easily be detuned to go rounds in the 5.90 class. Gilbert’s turn-key offer includes a full year of support and in-depth guidance at the track at all ODSS events. In case you were wondering, John has plans to follow his dream of racing the car guys in a diesel-burning Pro Mod. Of course, this means his two-wheel drive creation, whatever that might be, will also run the ODSS circuit, further populating diesel’s second-fastest racing category.




When 5.90 Trucks Get Turned Up…

Speaking of 5.90 Index, Adam Foltz’ P-pumped 24-valve Cummins took the win at a diesel race put on in Tennessee by Knoxville Dragway over the weekend. But on top of winning the 5.90 Grudge Race final, he was awarded a trophy for owning the fastest Cummins on the property. Leaning on the truck more than he does in 5.90 Index, Foltz’ second-gen stormed to a 5.58-second eighth-mile at 125 mph, beating out fellow ODSS 5.90 competitor, Austin Denny, in the process. Look for Foltz (and Denny) to be a regular presence on the racing scene in 2021.



King Of The Street Challenge 2020

Now firmly cemented as one of the premiere fall events, the King of the Street Challenge kicked off on Friday October 16th. Roughly 30 trucks showed up to Dragway 42 in West Salem, Ohio to compete this year, with drag racing, dyno, dirt drags, and sled pulls all being on the schedule. Heavy hitters in the diesel world such as Justin Zeigler, Logan Epling, and David Petrick (who cleared an incredible 2,259 hp on the chassis dyno, pictured here) made the call. When the dust settled, it was Kevin Payne who took the overall win. Payne ran 7.08 through the eighth-mile, dyno’d 1,894 hp, completed the street drive, finished near the top in the dirt drags, and placed both First and Second in the truck pulls.




RLC Motorsports’ Monthly Truck Meets

Didn’t know RLC Motorsports hosts a monthly truck meet? Now you do! Twelve times a year, Michael Dalton and rest of the RLC team hold a get-together at the company’s headquarters in Cookeville, Tennessee. The family-friendly affairs often kick-off in the early evening, feature music and food, and a variety of vehicles. In fact, RLC invites anything off-road and everything diesel to its monthly hangouts. In an age where car and trade shows seem to be dying off left and right, thus killing off some of the automotive hobby, it’s nice to know there are events like this taking place. Kudos to RLC for opening its doors to anyone willing to attend.



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