Trash scattered all across America’s landfills

Is The War On Diesel Emissions Working?

Is The War On Diesel Emissions Working?

Asheville Engine, Inc. owner, Robb Newcomb, makes the case that it isn’t. In fact, he all but proves it’s been a gigantic failure. How? The emissions control systems modern diesel engines are saddled with cause them to fail prematurely. When this happens, shops are left with tons of scrap steel. Because EPA restrictions are so tight on American businesses, that scrap is shipped (by truck and rail) to a U.S. port, where it is shipped overseas to be recycled in a country with zero air quality restrictions.

One mega cargo ship emits the equivalent amount of air pollution as 50 million cars, every day. The recycled steel is turned back into raw material in overseas foundries with no emission controls and shipped back to the U.S., where manufacturers turn it into finished goods and ship them all over the country. And that’s before you take into consideration all of the plastic DEF containers scattered all across America’s landfills.


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