RUST IN THE FUEL SYSTEM The combination of a poor water separator design and a lack of maintenance can spell disaster in a hurry for the 6.4L Power Stroke’s high-pressure common-rail fuel system. Once fuel coagulation occurs in the collection bowl, water is allowed to pass through it and make its way into the fuel system. When water is present in the fuel system it reacts with the metal to form rust. The rust can eventually take out the high-pressure fuel pump, which in turn can send shrapnel through the injectors, which return contaminated fuel back to the fuel tank, effectively trashing the entire fuel system (a cost of $6,000 to $7,500). In cases where debris causes an injector to stick open, catastrophic engine failure is often the result. In these all-out engine failures, it’s not unheard of for the repair bill to top $15,000 or more, which forces many owners to simply walk away from the truck.

Tips To Keep Your Truck Running At Optimal Levels

Adding modifications to your truck is one thing, however doing the necessary maintenance regularly is a whole different can of worms, a necessary one though. If you simply keep replacing parts on your truck instead of performing proper maintenance, you’ll break the bank and turn your truck into a money pit. By using the tips below, you’ll be able to keep your truck in check and prevent any costly repairs that could be extremely invasive to your truck and destructive for your pockets. Additionally, there’s plenty of videos on YouTube that show you proper maintenance requirements for virtually any make and model of truck or car. By using additional resources, you’re getting a bigger-picture view of what’s happening, allowing you to make the best decisions for you and your truck.  One other source of information is our pages and community, in other words, if you’re confused about a part or process, leave a comment in a post and one of the fellow community members will likely answer your question. We support each other in the truck community, so make sure to keep your truck in prime condition!

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Analyzing Oil to Maintain Performance

Injector Replacement: Correcting Duramax Turbo Fuel Delivery Issues

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