Frosty Rigs Ready To Compete!

These white rigs are trucks that glimmer especially under night-time lighting. Owning a white truck is often pretty risky especially because of dirt and dust that can accumulate on the paint, unexpectedly giving you a new paint job. However, with some proper care and protective measures, these situations can be avoided and present a truck so white it looks brand new. One of the best ways to protect your truck’s paint in general is by installing a clear protective coating over the paint. By doing so, your truck will be able to become dirty with dirt, silt, sand, or whatever else is on the road, and your paint will not be chipped as a result of removal. Additionally, by getting the clear protective coating, water will glide across it, preventing water markings often seen on poorly detailed cars. The most amusing thing to see is when someone with a white truck decides to go off-roading, particularly muddin’. As all the brown dirt and clay sweeps up the undercarriage, these truck owners are confident that they’ll keep their truck in good condition. Here are five white GM trucks that are in excellent condition!

ADA Offroad’s 2015 Chevy 2500HD



Crank Windows and 650 HP

The Minus Max: Smart-Built 600-HP 2500HD

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