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Coolant Fixed

PPE Dmax Coolant System Hoses

Factory coolant hose “T” fittings, generally molded hose made out of plastic, are prone to cracking at junctions, causing coolant loss. Replace your worn or leaky factory coolant hose system with PPE’s Performance Silicone Coolant Hose Kit. PPE’s Silicone Coolant Hose Kits incorporate TIG-welded, polished 304 stainless steel T-fittings that eliminate any chance of failures at the junctions. The durable 5 mm thick silicone is twice as thick as the factory hose to ensure long-lasting performance.



Future Tuner

Bully Dog BDX Performance Programmer

Bully Dog’s new BDX handheld Wi-Fi tuner eliminates the need to run wires, making it simpler than ever to boost vehicle performance, towing ability, and off-road potential. BDX is the first engine calibration device to offer Firmware On Demand, which identifies a vehicle then connects to Wi-Fi to download the latest dyno-proven tune files to ensure your tunes are always up-todate. BDX can also accommodate up to 10 custom tunes available from more than 1,000 dealers worldwide.



Ready for Service

Wagler Competition Products Dmax Short Blocks

Wagler Competition Products starts with a factory Duramax engine block and carefully builds it with handpicked parts to deliver a great combination of power and reliability. Each WCP Duramax block is offered with two different rotating assembly packages to meet the customer’s power goals. The STREET package will handle up to 1,000 hp, while the RACE package will exceed the 1,600hp limit of the factory block. Wagler also offers a hard block option for applications in excess of 1,600 hp. Each WCP rotating assembly is neutral balanced well past the rpm limit of diesel fuel combustion (7,000+). The short block is completed with a WCP 1/2 Street girdle and WCP billet mains that lock the rotating assembly in nice and tight.



Stable Steering

BDS GM Steering Stabilizer Kit

Many of the 2016 Chevy/GMC HD trucks came from the factory without a steering stabilizer installed. Common on both stock height and lifted trucks, a steering stabilizer helps reduce front end shimmy caused by oversized tires. BDS Suspension is now offering an upgrade for the 2016 model Chevy and GMC 2500/3500HD trucks with a new single steering stabilizer kit designed to improve handling and drivability. The kit includes a new framemounted dual shear stabilizer bracket and hardware to secure the BDS NX2 series single steering stabilizer to the previous position over the center link. The design works with stock and lifted trucks that use the center link in the stock location.



Tranny Lube

Royal Purple Synchromax Manual Trans Fluid

Royal Purple’s Synchromax manual transmission fluid adds longevity and a noticeable boost to your vehicle’s performance. Formulated with Royal Purple’s proprietary Synerlec technology, Synchromax offers unmatched oil film strength and lubricity that increases as temperatures do, so the harder your transmission works, the harder Synchromax works. What’s more, Synchromax not only works for manual transmissions, but makes an excellent fill for transfer cases as well.



Fuel for Thought

Aeromotive 6.0L Power Stroke Diesel Lift Pump System

With the addition of a diesel lift pump system for 03-07 6.0L Power Strokes, these owners too can reap the benefits of an Aeromotive pump. This system resolves the ¼-tank starvation issue, the pressure control issue, and motor shaft seal failures. Aeromotive opted for a flow-through design to solve the shaft seal failure, which means there is no shaft seal to fail or leak. The brushless motor design has also increased the performance and longevity you’d expect from a diesel lift pump. A single filter model simplifies the design and reduces maintenance cost. The pump includes the Caterpillar 1R-0750 2-micron filter to catch the smallest particulates. With a standard 1”-14 ilter head thread, end users can use their filter of choice.



Magnum Slugs

CP-Carrillo Duramax Pistons

Carrillo’s diesel pistons for Duramax applications include the advanced features and improvements that CP-Carrillo has developed through rigorous testing and R&D. Manufactured from 2618 T-61 alloy for structural support and durability, these pistons come 100% hard-anodized to withstand turbocharging, supercharging, and nitrous injection. After a year and a half of development, the pistons have been thoroughly torture tested to withstand 1,800+ horsepower at the tires.



Common Rail Pressure

Fleece Performance PowerFlo 750 CP3

The Fleece Performance PowerFlo 750 CP3s for Cummins and Duramax engines are offered as a straightforward CP3 upgrade proven to support 750 rwhp with the proper complimenting modifications. The PowerFlo 750 also eliminates the factory fuel flow restriction that begins at 3,000 rpm. If you have a stock CP3 pump you’re losing fuel flow and rail pressure after 3,000 rpm, which correlates to lost horsepower when you need it most. This cost-effective upgrade will allow you to maintain desired fuel rail pressure through the entire rpm range. Every Fleece Performance CP3 is tested on an in-house engine simulator and pump test stand to simulate real-world situations and ensure that each pump is ready to work.



Protection on the Lighter Side

TrailReady Light Line Bumpers

Love TrailReady but don’t want the size, weight and expense of an Extreme-Duty Winch bumper? The brand-new TrailReady Light Line is for you. The nonwinch bumper comes ready for a 20-inch LED bar in the middle and multi-light mount prep in the wings (rectangular or round) all weighing in at a scant 100 pounds. Light Line Bumpers offer TrailReady quality with a super-tight fit to the body, ample clearance for oversized tires, and a healthy amount of ground clearance.



Monster Snail

Honeywell Garrett GTX 5533R

Honeywell Garrett’s GTX 5533R Gen II turbocharger is the most powerful turbo the company has ever produced. It features brand-new, highly advanced GTX compressor wheel technology in a large frame turbo that’s engineered to support 1,000 to 2,500 horsepower. The GTX 5533R turbocharger also features Honeywell’s Gen II forged CNC machined compressor wheel. This turbo is designed for race classes with specific compressor inlet diameter rules and for enthusiasts looking to make extreme power.



Cool Oil Is Good Oil

Cross Diesel Performance Dmax Oil Cooler

Cross Diesel Performance’s new oil cooler kit for the ’01-10 Duramax is thermostatically controlled so engine oil will still reach operating temperature in winter but will show up to a 30-degree temperature drop during the summer months. This will also allow for quick recovery time while towing up steep grades and take longer for the oil to heat up and start affecting coolant temps. The kit adds an extra 2 quarts of oil to the system and features easy, bolt-on installation.



Injector Swap

Merchant Automotive Deluxe LB7 Injector Package

The trickiest thing about starting a project is sometimes just making sure you have all the right parts you need on hand. Being stuck on a Sunday needing that one part you forgot is never fun when all the parts shops are closed. Merchant Automotive’s Deluxe LB7 Injector Package includes everything you need for proper injector replacement. The kit is available with stock or SAC45 Injectors.



Clean and Cool

PPE Cast Aluminum Dmax Oil Pan

The stock Duramax engine oil pan leaves a lot to be desired. In addition to being built from steel (which is poor at heat dissipation), there’s a valley in the pan which prevents 100% of your old oil from being drained out during an oil change—leaving behind almost a quart of the dirtiest oil. These new PPE pans are made in the USA from high-quality cast aluminum for high strength and optimum heat dissipation. They are engineered with a flat bottom that allows you to drain all your oil, so no dirty residue is left behind. The pan also holds an extra quart of oil for added thermal stamina.


Diesel Supplements

Alliant Power Fuel Additives

New from Alliant Power is their line of diesel fuel additives. Ultraguard is an all-season blend designed to improve base fuel quality while providing superior fuel system protection. Lubriguard is a highly concentrated fuel treatment with cetane that was developed to supplement dry fuels that are known to cause premature wear of the fuel system. Winterguard is a cold weather fuel treatment designed to prevent gelling and improve cold starting and cold weather performance.



Secure Connection

Sinister Diesel Duramax Engine Mounts

Sinister Diesel has released high performance motor mounts for 2001-2010 LB7/LLY/LBZ/LMM Duramax trucks. The mounts use heavy-duty polyurethane to hold your engine securely in place and prevent rocking even in high-torque, high-horsepower situations. They offer the alignment features of stock mounts with far greater performance and durability. They also improve the feel and handling of your Chevy truck and come with everything you need for installation including high-grade fasteners and thread locker.



Secure It

Mob Mount Switch Magnet

The Mob Mount Switch Magnet, with its unique design and universal bracket, was designed as the ultimate solution in smartphone holders: an extreme mount with the ability to hold up in the toughest conditions. It comes with a powdercoated finish that is available in multiple colors to suit your individual style. Two mounting options are currently available with more to come.



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