Discover Rudy’s Diesel Performance with a Ford F-250 Super Duty Truck

When most gear heads see a truck sitting on a dealer’s lot, they think of what they could modify before they even put a hundred miles on it. But what if you could pick up a customized truck right off the lot set up perfect for you—or maybe simply a solid head start on future tinkering—all under dealer financing and warranty? Well, Stearns Ford in Burlington, North Carolina, may be exactly what you’re looking for. They’ve teamed up with Rudy’s Diesel Performance, also out of Burlington, NC, to create a Rudy’s Edition Ford F-250 Super Duty diesel truck package that’s now available to you. You may be thinking this is just another wheel and tire swap and out the door, but this truck proves Rudy’s attention to detail as the Rudy’s Performance Parts division crew delved into every nook and cranny—while leaving a somewhat blank canvas of an engine and transmission to hop up any way you like. One glance at this rig on the dealer’s lot, and you know there’s more than meets the eye.

“All under dealer financing and warranty”

“The attention to detail in the styling of the truck goes above and beyond your usual ‘peel-and-stick’ dealership upgrades”

Satin Finish

Right away, these trucks stand out from anything else on the road, and that’s because of the refinished factory paintjob that was tweaked in the RDP shop. Each truck is meticulously broken down to have the factory paint color-sanded to be resprayed with a satin clear coat, bringing any factory color option a unique, custom look. But a different finish on the original paint wasn’t enough for the RDP team, so the bumpers, mirror caps, door handles, badges, logos and grille assembly are all painted to match the truck and cleared in the same finish to tie the whole exterior together and step the looks up a notch or three. Adding to the sharp looks of the reformed rig, plus filling out the growl of the Power Stroke is the MagnaFlow DPF back exhaust system coated in a satin black color to compliment the established look.

Altered View

With the paint well addressed, the stance, ride, and capabilities of the F-250 are ready to be overhauled to match the unique paint finish. To bump up the stability, durability, and performance of the suspension, the Rudy’s crew swapped in a BDS 6-inch, long arm lift kit under the truck. The suspension system is paired with Fox Racing 2.0 shocks on all four corners with dual shocks and dual steering stabilizers up front. With a rugged suspension installed on the rig, an equally capable pairing of metal and rubber would have to be selected. Unlike the cheap chrome wheels and off brand tires many dealer packages install, the design and build team opted for 37X13.50R22 Toyo M/T Open Country tires to handle well across any terrain and wrapped them around the stout 22×12 American Force SF8 wheels. With the truck poised in the air with an aggressive stance, the crew outfitted a set of motorized AMP Research power steps that help you get into the large rig while any door is open, but recede slyly into the rocker panel of the truck once the doors are closed.

Removing and color-matching to the exterior all of the various plastic trim pieces throughout the doors and dash brings a subtle custom touch to the interior.

Creature Comforts

Once the exterior was dialed in, the build team didn’t forsake the interior of the Lariat based F-250. Each of the basic pieces of plastic trim in the dash and doors were removed to be stripped, color matched to the exterior, and cleared in the same satin finish now becoming synonymous with the Rudy’s Edition truck. To add a flare of notoriety, the front two headrests and rear center headrest are stitched with the Rudy’s Diesel logo in the plush leather.

The smooth, satin paint refinish looks great from all angles and ties the custom elements together well.
With the paint color-matched onto the American Force wheels that are wrapped in aggressive Toyo’s, this Rudy’s Edition FX4 stands out from the pack.

BDS and Fox Racing components bolster the ride comfort and capabilities while adding six-inches of height to the front end.
Not to be left behind, the rear end also gets lifted 6 inches by the BDS set up with added stability from the Fox Racing shocks.
The motorized AMP Research side steps allows ease of access to the lifted truck but tuck away neatly when the doors are closed.
The plush leather of the Lariat interior didn’t need much retooling, but a couple well placed Rudy’s Diesel Performance star logos embroidered into the back center headrest as well as the two front headrests are welcome additions.
This subtle vinyl inset into the factory hood with an almost ghosted cut out of the Rudy’s Edition logo adds a unique flair to the stock contours.

Nearly every surface in any of the Rudy’s Edition F-250s is touched by some custom flair, creating a well-crafted truck as either a distinctive, limited edition truck or a head start for a further custom build. The attention to detail in the styling of the truck goes above and beyond your usual ‘peel-and-stick’ dealership upgrades, setting any owner up with a very special truck. Rudy’s Diesel Performance, partnered with their local Ford dealer, Stearns Ford, have opened up a new way to step into a customized diesel truck straight off the lot with a full warranty and dealer financing options. Tempting? DW








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