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Different Year, Different Truck—Same U.C.C. Champ

Justin Zeigler pulled off the U.C.C. repeat over the weekend, a feat that was all but overshadowed by his truck’s monumental performance on the chassis dyno. As the last truck to dyno Saturday evening, Justin didn’t disappoint, essentially setting the world on fire after clearing an insane 3,336 hp and 3,642 lb-ft on the rollers. The record-setting dyno performance came on the heels of Justin making a 4.99-second pass the day before, and was sandwiched in between Calvin Miller (who he’d partnered with to compete in the truck pull portion) sealing the deal for him on Sunday behind the wheel of his Super Stock second-gen. Congrats to Justin on his back-to-back U.C.C. titles, 4-second passes the truck’s first time out, the new chassis dyno record he obtained, and his team’s relentless work ethic which made it all possible.





Ultimate Callout Challenge 2022 Recap

With so much going on at U.C.C. 2022, it’s impossible to condense everything into one brief summary, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try. Here are your rapid-fire results: Derek Rose went 4.73 in the eighth at 4,400 pounds, and despite losing a cylinder on the dyno still managed to make 2,621 hp. Chris Patterson cleared 2,600 hp but also made an incredible six hits on the dyno without hurting anything. Tony Burkhard’s Duramax broke into the 4’s, going 4.96 at 151 mph, but also made an incredible 2,486 hp on the dyno. The team of Charlie Fish and Jesse Warren effectively strapped a Super Stock truck to the chassis dyno, a first that we know of. Ben Francis made 2,389 hp and 3,581 lb-ft aboard the dyno but toasted his Cummins in the process. And all of the above fails to mention the action that occurred during the Outlaw Diesel Revenge portion of U.C.C. weekend…



ODSS Outlaw Diesel Revenge

Alongside all the wild U.C.C. action, there was also an ODSS drag race taking place at Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park—and it was a doozy. The Outlaw Diesel Revenge event marked the first time out for Stainless Diesel’s new Pro Mod Corvette, a beautiful, Wagler Cummins-powered hot-rod. The car didn’t disappoint, making mid 4’s look easy and winning the Pro Mod category. In Pro Dragster, Jared Jones and Scheid Diesel beat out the two Duramax-powered rails that were also competing. Atop Pro Street was Tyler Burkhard and team DHD, who edged out Nathan Wheeler in an exciting finale. Tommy Zinkhen brought home the hardware in 7.70 Index, where there were 48 racers in the mix, Dan Zelton earned a hard-fought First Place in 5.90, Zach Tucan won out in 6.70, and Ken Phillips put his new bracket truck in the winner’s circle in ET Bracket.





All-Time Chassis Dyno Record?

Everyone knew that Justin Zeigler’s 3,336 hp dyno number at U.C.C. was a new diesel chassis dyno record, but 1320 Video has hinted that it’s even bigger than that. In fact, 1320 owner, Kyle Loftis, posed the question to followers on social media asking if any vehicle had ever topped the 2,800hp number he’d once filmed. No one brought up any other vehicle, anywhere, making more power on a set of rollers than Justin Zeigler. I guess that’s what 189 psi of boost, 5.9 pounds of nitrous consumption in 1.19 seconds, and a fine-tuned dyno strategy will get you: an inline-six Cummins diesel on top of the chassis dyno world.



Firepunk’s New Pro Mod

Most didn’t know it, but the ODSS Outlaw Diesel Revenge event was the last ride for the 3-second, Firepunk/Hot Shot’s Secret S10. That’s right, the small Ohio company with the biggest record in all of diesel drag racing is retiring the Pro Mod that’s gone 3.99 in the eighth and won ODSS points championships. Don’t worry though, team Firepunk is far from done with the Pro Mod category. This fall, they plan to debut a brand-new car, a ’70 Duster body on top of a Reese Brothers Race Cars chassis. The Executioner Cummins engine, Rossler TH400 and select other components will be transferred over to the new door slammer. Keep your eyes peeled for the big debut this fall…



It’s Pulling Season!

The Pro Pulling League Pro Stock Diesel Truck season kicked into high gear over the weekend in Nashville, Illinois. At The Track at Holzhauers in Nashville, Illinois, Missouri native, Matt Penn, put on a show during his lengthy, 341.22-foot pass with the sled in tow. Right behind him was Keith Witt in the Crosswired Dodge Ram. Next, you can find the 3.6 smooth bore trucks in Mexico (Missouri) on June 11, where they’ll be one of the primary attractions at the Mexico Young Farmers Truck & Tractor Pull.



DEF In The Fuel System = Death Of The Fuel System


It happens more than you think, diesel exhaust fluid in the fuel system on a late-model diesel. This example comes from Hassler Diesel in Bethel, Pennsylvania. It’s unfortunate because it’s a terrible day for the truck owner, yet at the same time is a big money-maker for a shop. DEF contamination often leads to entire fuel system replacement, which in today’s modern world of high-pressure common-rail components is extremely expensive. Due to DEF’s corrosive nature, at a minimum the high-pressure fuel pump and injectors have to be replaced—and for many engines that’s just the beginning of an extensive list of required repairs.


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