Story by Jacob White | Pictures by Kevin Foutz

Not many companies can say they’ve been in the diesel performance market as long as Edge Products of Ogden, UT can. As leaders in the electronic performance market since the late 90’s Edge Products hosted their annual Weekend on the Edge Dyno and Sled Pull event this past September. Like years past, this unique gathering of everything diesel brings out some of the best of the best along the western edge of the country to compete on the sled pull track. With a strong following on the chassis dyno circuit, over 110 entries spun the rollers with numbers reaching into the 2000hp range. Of course, the Edge Products team had reached out to some other friends in the diesel industry to join in on the fun for a big vendor alley and event sponsorships from Alligator Performance, KC Turbos, BD Diesel, Industrial Injection, Daily Driven Performance, Randy’s Transmissions, Premier Performance, and Young Powersports.

Kaleab Hales was the lone competitor in the Super Stock class, but his 12V Cummins powered truck never disappoints with a high revving big wheel speed run out to 262-feet.

Running the big portable dyno from the Northwester Dyno Circuit crew, trucks were in line and running from 9am to just after 9pm. Notables on the day were Kody Pulliams twin turbo Duramax laying down the biggest number of the event with 2071hp, Randy Reyes big dually Dodge throwing down 1719hp on fuel, and Rachel Hicks daily driver Cummins making 1332hp. In the stock class, all three OEMs had a solid showing with Ford, Dodge, and GM trucks all putting down high 500’s.

Weekend on the Edge has always been a big event for the intermountain west and brings out competitors and spectators from states all around Utah. Cliff Towne of Twin Falls, ID had his beautiful 6.7L Ford out competing in both the dyno and sled pull action.

Out on the sled pull track, competitors were challenged with a short track and an extremely heavy weight transfer sled to make sure they were stopped short arena exit. MLM Motorsports of California made the haul up with their Terminator sled to make sure these big diesels were going to battle it out fair and square for that prized King of Diesel trophy. Tom Hansen in the Edge Products sponsored truck laid down the longest pull and fastest speed of the night and won the $2500 cash prize for overall event winner. Weekend on the Edge has always been more about a customer appreciation day and bringing enthusiasts together for some fun than the competition really, but Edge paid out over $25,000 to the top finishers in every class, with some drivers taking home a healthy wad of cash for placing in multiple events. After nearly twenty years of experience, Edge Products knows how to put on a diesel party the right way. Weekend on the Edge 2021 was a major success for everyone involved and we can’t wait for the next one to come around next fall.

Local to the area, Jordan Hendrix had his Edge equipped 2019 L5P Duramax up on the chassis dyno in the Clean Diesel Emissions compliant class where he laid down a third place run of 483hp.

What’s a real diesel event without a vendor alley and some nice looking trucks out on display?
Roberto Gonzales of RGR Racing made the long haul up from Farmington, NM with multiple trucks for the Show n’ Shine and chassis dyno competition. This big two tone GMC took top spot in the Clean Diesel class with 519hp.
The line for the dyno was massive and circled the parking lot and block for a while, with well over one hundred trucks entered in the event, the Northwest Dyno crew ran non-stop for over 12hrs running well into the evening.
Amber Speth proved that diesel isn’t just a guy’s sport, with her 6.0L Power Stroke she calls ‘Side Chick’ she put down a very impressive pull of 244ft in the Open Street class.
Weekend on the Edge has had a massive turnout for their dyno every year for over a decade and September 2021 was no different. Even though a light rain slowed this down a bit for the morning, better weather rolled in, and everyone had a great time.
Lyle Richmond of Daily Driven Performance came down for the vent from Pocatello, ID and had a nice vendor display along with his beautiful twin turbo 1000hp 5.9L Cummins mega cab truck.
Charlie Fish of KC Turbos drove up from Arizona with his 6.0L Power Stroke race truck, which you’ve seen competing in the Ultimate Callout Challenge. Running his back up motor, Fish decided to stay conservative on his tune up but still laid down 1500hp on fuel.
Edge Products was setup with their show trailer selling brand new swag and conversation about their latest performance parts to anyone that was interested in listening. Edge Products is based out of Ogden, UT and the event was hosted less than a mile from their main head quarters.
Vender alley was packed with spectators and competitors all day long, talking diesel with their favorite vendor, learning about new products, some even haggled some excellent deals on some parts for their truck out in the parking lot.
Best Dodge in the Show n’ Shine contest went to this huge mega cab long bed owned by Ryan Thain. ‘Megalodon’ as he calls it was just finished the week prior to the event and rolls on 40” rubber with a built 5.9L under the hood running a host of parts from Moonlight Diesel. Thain was also the man behind the scenes as the sled pull event coordinator.
The event brought out a big crew of Duramax worshippers, like these guys from Interstate Diesel who showed up to compete in multiple dyno classes and even snagged up some prize money and trophies in a few as well.
Randy Reyes had his big ole dually out to stretch it’s legs a bit with a new setup under the hood for its first couple of runs. On some conservative tuning and fueling, this familiar ride was still impressive at 1719hp on fuel.
Tom Hansen has been an Edge Products sponsored driver for a couple of years now and his 3.0 Inducer truck is always a show favorite. Taking home top spot in Pro Stock, Hansen won a spot in the Kind of Diesels showdown where he made the best pass of the night with a 279ft run at over 25mph.
The crowd wasn’t deterred much by the early morning rain and hung around all afternoon watching the dyno competition and later funneling their way up to the arena for the sled pull event.
The big anticipation for the event was for this green Cummins powered truck from Unrivaled Diesel of Colorado as they came prepared to the first truck to break that 3000hp barrier on the chassis dyno. Unfortunately, some unforeseen transmission issues held them back, so that goal will have to wait for another day.



Stock Ford
Jose Levueno             589hp
Cliff Towne                 582hp

Stock Dodge
Darrel Nickolls           563hp
Ty Beck                      542hp

Stock GM
Tyler March               568hp
Kesley Eaves              515hp

Small Single (70mm and under)
Mike Bayson              837hp
Kenton Massey          777hp

Large Single (71mm and over)
Steele Morlock          892hp
Lance Hunsaker         769hp

Small Compound (80mm Low Pressure and under)
Roberto Gonzalez      935hp
Drake Dearden           897hp

Large Compound (81mm Low Pressure and over)
Rachel Hicks              1332hp
Darrel A                     1220hp

Kody Pulliam              2071hp
Randy Reyes              1719hp

Clean Diesel
Roberto Gonzales       518hp


Work Stock
Cliff Towne                247.73ft            20.8mph
Lloyd Towne              235.08ft           18.8mph
Ed Schaeffer              234.82              19.3mph

Open Street
Lyle Richmond          256.3ft
Amber Speth            244.24ft            19.8mph
Daryl Atkin               175.6ft              12.3mph

Limited Pro Stock
John Taormina          271.28ft            23.8mph
Colby Swanson         263.38ft            22.8mph
Austin Elsmore         261.9ft              22.6mph

Pro Stock
Tom Hansen            270.06ft              23.8mph
Darion Hoosier        262.97ft             23.2mph
Jeremy Neff             242.95ft             21mph

Super Stock
Kaleab Hales            262.91ft            23.7mph

Kaleb Bone              226.07ft            19.3mph

King of Diesel
Tom Hansen            279.82ft             25.3mph
Darion Hooser        268.73ft             23.5mph
John Taormina        262.41ft             22.9mph


Edge Products

Northwest Dyno Circuit


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