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Hello everyone! My name is Aaron Gold, and I’ve been asked to take the driver’s seat here at Diesel World magazine. I’ve been writing about things on wheels for a little over two decades, and like most people who cover the automotive industry, I have a special fondness for diesels.

My diesel interest started, of all places, on a sailboat. Growing up, my grandfather had a 30-footer with a two-pot Volvo diesel that we called the “Iron Wind.” We were not obsessed with performance—if my grandfather ever employed more than 10 of the Volvo’s 16 horsepower, I sure don’t remember it—but every trip began with the Iron Wind, and the smells and sounds of the diesel engine became inextricably linked to the best days of my childhood.

Aaron_Gold_Suburban-012I was always fascinated with mechanical things, and I found (and still find) diesels a lot more satisfying than gasoline engines. (Injection pumps are cool; spark plugs are cheating.) My own diesels have ranged from a 1.5-liter VW to a 12.2-liter Cummins. I love the power and efficiency of modern diesels, but I have a soft spot for the old stuff. My latest diesel acquisition falls into the latter category: A mostly original 1983 GMC Suburban, which I like to tell people has a lot in common with the new C7 Corvette: same displacement and, for the moment, no forced induction.

But the bottom line is that whether it’s fast or slow—and with the ’Burb, I’ve definitely got the market cornered on slow—I’m always happy to take a ride behind a diesel engine.

So I’m really stoked to be heading up this magazine. Diesel World has a technical edge that I think sets it apart from other publications, and we want to continue to be your source for no-nonsense, in-depth information on all things diesel. We write this magazine for you, our readers, so feel free to drop me a note—let me know what you like and what you don’t, or just say hello and tell me what’s in your driveway. You can reach me at dw-editor@beckett.com.

Thanks for reading Diesel World, and I’ll see you out on the road!

– Aaron

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