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As you read this November issue, the team at the Diesel World is already looking at what we will bring you next year. Of course, with the title Diesel World, we look at the entirety of the diesel market. The good news is that we are seeing exciting things happening on the diesel front, now and in the future.

For example, this issue contains stories on the newest updates to the Ford F-250, F-350 and F-450 diesel truck line. These upgrades are just the tip of the iceberg for Ford. You can be certain that there are changes in the works for the next, all-new generation of Ford trucks, and diesels are sure to remain in the mix.

Another example is our story on the Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel Warrior. This concept Jeep is a working example of the good things on the way to market. While this concept rig is based on the first Jeep with a diesel to hit the U.S. in years, it’s not likely to be the last. The advantages of a diesel for off-pavement use are possibly even stronger than for pavement-pounding diesel cars. As with diesel trucks, the torque and mileage of an oil burner in a Jeep can’t be beat. We look forward to a diesel Jeep Wrangler hitting the market soon.

More manufacturers are ramping up to offer more diesel-powered vehicles in the next few years and we’re looking forward to the new offerings. The ratio of diesels on the roads is increasing daily. By most estimates, the introduction of new trucks and cars that demand good ol’ #2 diesel fuel is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. It makes perfect sense; today’s diesels offer more power, better fuel economy and longer range than either the gas or electric (coal-powered) versions of the same vehicle platform.

The ever-widening world of diesel gives us more to cover all the time. Our mix of stories will continue to bring you new diesel trucks built by passionate owners, as well as diesel event coverage. Of course, articles on upgrades and improvements that can be done to your diesel will continue too. We also expect to be bringing you more new diesel-powered tests as vehicles become available. As some things change others remain the same – we’ve been featuring Tractor Talk by Jim Allen for years now while our new Retrospective column by Bill Senefsky looks back in time at some diesel history.

The question is, what makes you passionate about diesel? What new diesel tech do you want to learn about or see more of in our pages? Please send us your thoughts and ideas. With the entire world to draw from, you can ask for just about anything diesel related. Who knows how many like-minded diesel fans are out there? DW

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