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Diesel Trucks

Diesel World offering information about best diesel technology used in trucks and latest versions of small and big commercial diesel trucks.



A CUMMINS-POWERED ’03 CHEVY SILVERADO In the diesel industry, Cummins swaps are nothing new. The B series inline-six has been the engine of choice for sled pullers, drag racers, rat rods, and (of course) Ford trucks for more than a decade. However, ...


A 1,200HP, 2,200 LB-FT ’08 SUPER DUTY When you’re a horsepower junkie but don’t want to sacrifice the reliability of your $70,000 daily driver, what do you do?...

Mighty Green Machine

Custom Auto’s Attention-Grabbing Rags-to-Riches Silverado 3500HD When you have lemons, you make lemonade, and when you break an egg, you make an omelet. In this single-use, disposable world, it is refreshing to hear about a bad situation made better...