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Diesel Trucks

Diesel World offering information about best diesel technology used in trucks and latest versions of small and big commercial diesel trucks.


Bucket List Build

A Linked & Lifted, 600-Horse ’14 F-250 Steve Romans was never the flashy truck type. That is until his friends at CenTex Diesel asked him if he wanted to be part of a SEMA build. “SEMA was a bucket list kind of thing for me,” he told us, and tha...


The latest creation from Show Time Metal Works The wildest ideas come out in the most mundane of places—around a guy’s dining room table, for instance. If we were betting men, we’d put money on the number of crazy project vehicle builds dreamed up a...

Full Race

Jared Ring’s Common Rail Swapped ’00 Dodge Drag Truck There’s fast, and then there’s really fast. Jared Ring’s Ram falls into the latter category, as it’s gone...