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One of a Kind

A Wildly Custom 1938 Cummins Swapped Dodge Nate Wilson, of Grass Valley, California, wanted something different. In the last few years Nate has become a well-known car and truck builder in Northern California, and has built everything from twin turb...

Battle of the Titans

The Kings of Pullers Check out one of the many events we've provided coverage for. Diesel pullers are one of the major subdivisions of the diesel community, and below is an excellent reason why. These rigs compete with heavy modifications to see who...

The Contender

An Owner-Built 1,500hp Ram Takes Aim at UCC Kenny Bruner’s ‘06 Dodge Ram is unquestionably over-the-top. From the bright paint and tilt front end to the big-ho...

Great White

A Fourth-Gen MegaCab Ram Cummins Packing a 48RE, an S475, and 1,000 HP No, it’s not just another Cali-lean Cummins on ‘Forces. Paul Szczypta’s ’12 Mega Cab run...