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Diesel World offering information about best diesel technology used in trucks and latest versions of small and big commercial diesel trucks.



THE ROYALTY FAMILY’S DODGE DAKOTA DRAG MACHINE Drag racing is a family friendly sport which tends to draw families to both the grandstands and staging lanes. O...

Black Menace

An 800HP LBZ Duramax Built To Do One Thing—And One Thing Only If you’re raised on a farm, you’ll likely grow up to be a farmer. It’s just what you do. And if you farm in America’s Heartland, chances are pretty good you’ll take an interest in truck a...


Dillon King’s SEMA Project Dillon King’s love of the automotive scene came as second nature to him. “My father had a custom hot rod shop back in the day, and he has always had projects through the years. I learned a lot from him. He is definitely th...