Located just ten miles from the track, Industrial Injection was certain to have plenty of trucks at the event, including these two monsters, which were both running Shredder Series Cummins engines, huge Cobra injectors, and some big single turbos.

Four-Digit Horsepower Club

Most people think of coupes and sedans when asked about racing vehicles, however, there’s a sector that’s often overlooked in the racing community. Diesel trucks found their way into racing by competing in drag races and off-road racing. People commonly forget that diesel trucks are extremely powerful, and when modified, they’re some of the fastest vehicles on the track. Below are ten articles covering race trucks that could burn most competitors on the strip.

Full Race

A Resurrected ’06 Dodge 2500 Race Truck

Race Ready Duramax: Abandoned Shop Truck Turned Diesel Dragster


Dual Personality: 2001 3500 Turned Pro Dragster

The Ford King: Rudy Diesel’s Incredible 2,000-HP Drag Truck

Mini Wheat: 2014 Ram 1500 Drag Truck

A 1,200-Horsepower 6.0L Drag Truck

Mad Shop Truck: Revmax’s 1,300hp-Cummins Dodge

1,000hp Single-Turbo 6.4L Power Stroke

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