Loud & Proud, Maximize Power With These Upgrades!

The exhaust of a diesel truck is a crucial component of the overall combustion process. The exhaust system is pretty similar to the respiratory system and how gases escape the body. Diesel trucks require lots of air into the engine because of the immense firing heat, so as a result, additional air is needed for fuel injection and engine cooling. When the air runs through the system, it’s flowed at a certain rate out of the exhaust pipe. As the truck expends more energy, the exhaust output is larger. However, like putting your thumb on the end of a hose, restricted flow causes pressure because the output of exhaust in a truck cannot be manually accelerated at will. With all that being said, by purchasing the correct exhaust system for your truck, you’ll open its airways and allow it to fully breathe out, removing your finger from the hose. Doing so will increase the power and efficiency because of the increased efficiency of airflow throughout the truck’s theoretical respiratory system. Now that we have an understanding of the system, here are a few upgrades and projects concerning exhaust that may help your truck gain some extra power!

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Now that the quick upgrades were provided, here’s a special piece about how to choose the exhaust system specifically for your truck!