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Scheid Makes Bid For First 3-Second Eighth-Mile

Another week gone by, another step closer to the 3’s. This time, it was the Scheid Diesel rail that made the biggest chess move we’ve seen in 2020. While competing in the Top Dragster class at the PDRA World Finals the weekend of October 22-25, driver Jared Jones put together the fastest pass in diesel history. During the first round of qualifying, the rail blew through the ‘660 in 4.04 seconds at 184 mph. Jones and team would also string together other low 4-second runs on the weekend, proving that not only were they capable of running 4.0s consistently, but that diesel’s first trip into the 3’s may end up belonging to them. You can bet the next milestone on their radar is collecting that 3.9x time slip. Stay tuned.

Source: https://www.scheiddiesel.com/





Diesels Invade The PDRA World Finals

For the second year in a row, the Professional Drag Racers Association was kind enough to invite some of the fastest ODSS diesels in existence to the Brian Olson Memorial World Finals at Virginia Motorsports Park. Stainless Diesel’s Pro Street Dodge, the Done Right Diesel Performance/Amsoil Pro Mod Corvette, RLC Motorsports’ Pro Street Ram, the Gray’s Diesel Performance Pro Mod 7.3L, and Rudy’s Performance Parts’ F-250 Pro Mod all made the call and put on a show for fans. Ben Shadday turned in a 4.32 at 174 mph aboard his Pro Mod Corvette, Brian Gray took his Pro Mod 7.3L into the 4.70s with a 4.75 at 146 mph, and Nathannial DeLong piloted Rudy’s Pro Mod Super Duty to a 4.55 at 163 mph. Unfortunately, rain ended the action before an all-Ford final could be run.

Source: https://www.pdra660.com/



First Diesel Ford Truck In The 7’s

Prior to making the trek up to Virginia Motorsports Park to run in the PDRA diesel invitational, Brian Gray was busy near his Florida home, and sent his HEUI-fired 7.3L Pro Mod through the quarter-mile. Despite low bottle pressure (540 psi), in which the nitrous-huffing OBS Ford wasn’t able to put together its normal, 4.8-second eighth-mile (or 3.1-second 330-foot), it did go 7.96 at 164 mph through the 1320. The pass made Brian Gray’s F-250 the first diesel powered Ford truck to dip into the 7’s. With full bottle pressure, different gearing (or an Overdrive gear) and a few other minor adjustments, 7.60s or even 7.50s aren’t out of the question from Brian’s old-school Blue Oval.

Source: https://www.graysdiesel.com/



Diesel Truck Wars

The Fall 2020 rendition of Diesel Truck Wars went down over the weekend, and the east coast event saw a solid turnout. Hosting drag racing that featured ET Bracket, 7.70 Index, 6.70 Index, Single Elite, and Outlaw categories brought out some stiff competition, too. One of the top-running trucks at the show belonged to Adam Foltz. Not only did his P-pumped 24-valve second-gen Cummins—which competes in the ODSS 5.90 Index class—take the win in the Outlaw field, but he walked away with the fastest pass of the weekend. Adam’s 5.50-second eighth-mile blast at 130 mph not only topped his previous best, but it knocked on the door of the world record for a mechanically-injected four-wheel drive truck.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/2551670148273339/



Truck Pull

It’s official: the Jumping Jack Flash Super Duty officially has a split personality disorder now. One of America’s favorite Fords, which spends most of its time chasing the Pro Stock Diesel Truck circuit, will dabble in Super Stock during the winter months—thanks to a recent refresh of the P-pumped 7.3L that powers it. Now, the revised Hypermax-built V-8 sports a compound turbo arrangement, a nastier P-pump, and will leave the starting line at 5,800 rpm. The truck’s inaugural hook on the new configuration is set for Diesels in Dark Corners. You can catch it in White Plains, Georgia, slinging red dirt on November 6-7.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/JJFPSPT



Emissions News


CARB: No Defeat Software or Hardware Allowed

The California Air Resources Board recently sent a letter of encouragement to engine and vehicle manufacturers asking them to disclose any unapproved software or hardware programs that could impact emission control systems by the end of the year. The letter served as a warning to manufacturers about hiding any methods which could affect the performance of emission systems. According to CARB, by a manufacturer admitting to any undisclosed changes or modifications that impact emissions now, their honesty will be taken into consideration later if (or when) the agency determines a penalty. Undisclosed modifications include: unapproved recalls or technical (field) fixes, submitting false data, and incorrect calibration or testing of the onboard diagnostics system.

Source: https://dieselnet.com/news/2020/10carb.php



Parts Rack


Direct-Fit Transmission Cooler Kits

Flex-A-Lite has taken the guesswork out of selecting and mounting the right transmission cooler for your ’03-’09 Cummins-powered Ram or ’03-’07 6.0L Power Stroke Ford. Its direct fit kits comes with a bracket, a 30-row transmission cooler, hose, clamps, and all necessary hardware required for proper installation. Flex-A-Lite’s 30-row, patented dimpled plate and fin transmission coolers provide twice the heat rejection of low-cost coolers of the same size, and also minimize transmission oil pressure drop. The transmission cooler’s aluminum construction makes it both lightweight yet extremely strong and durable.

Source: https://www.flex-a-lite.com/


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