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Pro Street Title Truck For Sale!

Dustin Jackson’s Cummins Ford Lightning

With the 2018 racing season now in the books and another Pro Street championship wrapped up, Dustin Jackson has decided to sell his triple-turbo’d, Cummins-powered Pro Street Ford Lightning. For an undisclosed price (depending on whether you want the truck complete or in roller form), you get a 6.4L deckplated Shredder series Cummins (plus a spare) packing three 88mm turbos from Forced Inductions, a fuel system from Dynomite Diesel Products, and 2,200 hp. The truck’s Rossler TH400 (with a spare), Neal Chance lockup converter (plus a spare), Strange 9.5-inch rear end and CM849 with Racepak Electronics are all part of the deal as well. In what has basically become a 5.0 Index Class due to chassis certification limits, this truck will run 5.0 on the money, round after round. We can’t wait to see who ends up with it!






Cummins vs. Mustang

Beating up on gassers

This just never seems to get old: a 7,000-plus-pound crew cab diesel beating up on a Mustang. Despite forgetting to lock the converter, Brad Isbell’s Dodge blew the doors off of a notchback Mustang (mods unknown) for a legit quarter-mile kill at his local track. His Ram sports a 75/87/1.0 S400 from Stainless Diesel, tuning from Maverick Diesel, and went 11.21 at 126 mph on this pass. With the converter locked (and according to that trap speed), Brad expects to go 10.80s next time out. Believe it or not, this truck is also known to terrorize the local “Hot Street” truck pull scene—proof that street-driven diesels can still do it all: daily, drag race, and pull.






Duramax Grenades

At Diesel Truck Wars

In a quest to become the fastest stock Duramax engine truck in the country, Logan Lewis and his team put together an awesome, lightweight, standard cab Sil Unfortunately, the S476, 225-percent over injectors, dual CP3’s, and Danville Performance tuning didn’t play well during the truck’s first qualifying pass at Diesel Truck Wars 2018. When the internally-untouched Duramax checked out somewhere after the 330-foot mark, the truck still coasted to a 6.55 at 105 mph in the eighth. While things didn’t go as planned for Logan this time, pushing the limits is what diesel performance is all about, and we look forward to seeing his sub-5,000-pound, 4L80E-shifted (yes, you read that right) Chevy out and about next season.




New Diesel Events

ODSS Racing Circuit Expands

Delving into the event-hosting side of diesel drag racing, the folks at Firepunk Diesel will hold their first Outlaw Diesel Super Series race the weekend of May 31-June 1, 2019. Coined “Outlaw Diesel Revenge,” everything will take place at Kil-Kare Raceway in Xenia, Ohio. Revered for its superb track surface, race-prep, and more than 150 concrete pit spots for racers, the Kil-Kare facility should be well-received by competitors and spectators alike. Along with the Firepunk addition, an invitational Quick 8 Shootout has been added to the menu at U.C.C. 2019, and Hollyrock Customs will also host an event on the regular racing circuit: the Summer Diesel Showdown.





Sled Pulling

Diesels in Dark Corners

The eighth running of Diesels in Dark Corners took place over the weekend in White Plains, Georgia, with many of the nation’s top-running pullers showing up to compete. For 2018, a two-day pull was in the cards, along with a show ‘n shine event and a kid’s pedal tractor pull. It would prove to be more than worth the trip for Indiana-based, Doug Monroe, as his third-gen, Done Right Diesel Performance-tuned common-rail Cummins finished second in the 2.6 smooth bore class on Friday, and then pulled out the win the following night.



OEM News


More Good News For Ram

Canadian Truck Sales Soar

It was a solid month of profits for FCA’s Canadian-based sales. In particular, Ram Truck sales were up, considerably. After tallying a total of 6,677 vehicles sold for the month of October, a whopping 10-percent increase was observed vs. October, 2017. For pickup trucks alone, Ram unloaded 6,310 units (vs. 5,794 in October last year). Although Ram’s overall (year-over-year) Canadian truck sales are still down roughly 14-percent compared to 2017, the tide may be turning with this recent 10-percent uptick in sales.




Parts Rack


Duramax Crate Engine

Wagler Streetfighter

After intentionally being pushed to the breaking point, just to find out where it is (nearly 1,300 hp!), Wagler Competition Products is proud to offer its street-and-dyno proven STREETFIGHTER crate engine in three different forms. For $12,864.22 plus core charge, a balanced short-block comes with a Callies forged Compstar 6.6 Duramax crankshaft, ARP 2000 main studs, Wagler As-forged steel rods, de-lipped Mahle pistons, Stage 1 alternate fire cam, new GM crank gear, pinned oil pump, Fluidampr, and Sun Coast billet flexplate. By stepping up to the STREETFIGHTER long-block ($18,165.12 plus core charge), you get ported GM heads and valve covers, ARP 2000 head studs, Wagler pushrods, and Wagler valve springs. In complete, drop-in form, the STREETFIGHTER comes with a Precision 6870 turbocharger, S&S Diesel Motorsport 100-percent over injectors, a 12mm CP3, and retails for $32, 270.33 (plus core charge).

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