Diesel News 3.23.20

Tech of the Week

New Breakthrough for L5P Duramax Tuning

Controller Diagnostic Services (CDS) is releasing its controller modification service for the E41 and T87A controllers on L5P Duramax and Allison equipped vehicles. You simply ship your controllers in and receive a modified controller in 1 to 2 days, fully ready to accommodate tuning from all major platforms such as EFI Live and EZ Lynk. The controllers are 100-percent ready to go upon their return, which means no relearning is necessary. To keep end users from rendering their late model GM’s illegal for highway use, CDS’s controller modification service will not allow emissions controls, OBD readiness tests, and OBD monitoring to be modified.

Source: https://controllerdiagnostics.com/



Injector Tech with Industrial Injection

Ever wondered what goes on inside a common-rail injector? Industrial Injection recently posted a video that walks you through the innards of an ’03-’04 5.9L Cummins injector, going over the components that make it function and the things that make it fail. From electrical and insulation-related failures at the solenoid to the effects of a scored control plunger to the infamous check ball seat issues that cause rough idle and poor emissions, it’s all covered. To solve the common armature valve issues these injectors face but that aren’t always easy to detect, the folks at Industrial break the component down to its core and inspect the sum of its parts—and then include a brand-new one with each injector they build. For your free, 9-minute injector education, check out the link below.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MQvnIl6lk0&fbclid=IwAR0sr68xmQAWeL-2K8GTGn0YdlHdU7VMFFUi52NADIdiRsDAmL6HI07sAhs



Canceled: Rudy’s Season Opener

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic sweeping the nation, national, state, and local officials have instituted limitations on crowd gatherings which directly effects sporting events, concerts, and other large public affairs. Unfortunately, this has forced the folks at Rudy’s Performance Parts to cancel the Spring Truck Jam that was set for April 17-18. This will be the first time in the event’s history that something other than weather has canceled this staple of an event. Rudy’s Spring Truck Jam would’ve been the second stop of the ODSS drag race schedule. As of right now, the Firepunk Outlaw Diesel Revenge event is still on for June 5-6 in Xenia, Ohio.

Source: https://rudysdiesel.com/



U.C.C. Postponed Until July

As far as coronavirus and the 2020 running of the Ultimate Callout Challenge is concerned, bad news has been followed by good news. First, the event will no longer be happening on the first weekend of May. Now the good news: it’s been rescheduled for July 10-12, when many officials have predicted the pandemic will have run its course, or at least be on the decline. With fan and competitor safety being the highest priority for UCC, the decision was made to reschedule everything, including the massive Diesel Performance Industry expo. Everything will still be taking place at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis, so mark your calendars now for the first-ever running of a summertime UCC.

Source: https://ultimatecalloutchallenge.com



OEM News


GM, Ford Rising to the Occasion

It’s clear that virtually every industry is being impacted by coronavirus, but several automakers and thousands of other businesses throughout America are making the most of it. General Motors’ manufacturing operations have been temporarily suspended to deep-clean facilities and protect its employees. At the same time, GM has partnered with Ventec Life Systems, a private company that builds ventilators, to increase ventilator production tremendously. Ventec will leverage GM’s logistics, purchasing, and manufacturing expertise to not only build more ventilators, but get them to hospitals faster. Over at Ford, vehicle production has been reduced to protect employees and new car buyers have been given peace of mind with up to six months of payment relief.

Source: https://media.gm.com/media/us/en/gm/home.html




Eaton-Cummins Introduce Endurant XD Transmission

Expanding its Endurant line of automated transmissions, Eaton-Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies (the 50/50 joint venture that was started in 2017) is developing the Endurant XD series. The purpose-built, high performance transmission is designed for on-highway applications with high gross combined weight ratings such as dual and triple-axle trucks, as well as severe-duty on and off-highway dump and logging trucks. The Endurant XD has high torque and horsepower capacity to cover all Class 8 North American diesel engines (namely the Cummins X15), and will feature 18 forward speeds, up to six reverse gears, provisions for bottom 8-bolt and rear 4-bolt high-capacity power take-offs, and an available transmission oil cooler option.

Source: https://dieselnet.com/news/2020/03eaton.php




Are E-Catalysts the Way Forward?

As OE’s work to ensure the diesel engines they produce meet emission standards during all driving conditions, electrically heated catalysts (EHC’s) may be the answer. Vitesco Technologies recently secured a “multi-million contract” from an unknown European automaker, which plans to use its Emicat electrically heated catalyst on its 48-volt hybrid diesel-electric vans beginning in 2022. The Emicat EHC will rapidly heat up the SCR catalyst to ensure full emission compliance, even in low-load driving conditions (such as slow urban traffic) where the diesel engine is known to not produce enough heat. Testing of the Emicat EHC, Vitesco saw a 40-percent reduction in NOx under the worldwide harmonized light vehicles test procedure (WLTP).

Source: https://www.vitesco-technologies.com/en/Home/Press/20-03-12


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