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Lavon Miller’s 2,500-hp 4×4 Raises the Bar

Judging by last week’s runner-up finish in the Pro Street class at the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza, Lavon Miller’s Pro Street 4×4 is flying. After running a best-ever 5.11-second elapsed time at the event, he tried the quarter-mile, and blazed through at an amazing 177 mph and some change. With a little more tweaking, this 4,500-pound truck could become the first 4×4 in the 4’s in the eighth!




Throw Away Your Old Automatic

New Transmission Technology in the Works

Finding a transmission and converter that will live behind trucks that are 1,000-plus horsepower has always been an uphill battle that’s full of broken parts. Not to fear though, as companies like SunCoast and Goerend Transmissions are on the cutting edge of technology, and are in the process of developing a number of new components to make these units live. Even companies like Cope Racing, which normally stick to gas products, are developing valvebodies for 48-series transmissions, showing that diesel performance has solidly hit the mainstream.



Where’s the Turbos??


Wagler goes Blower-Only

For those who’ve been wondering, No, the DX500 in Wagler’s 2wd truck doesn’t have turbos on it anymore. The mammoth screw blower was flowing almost as much as the twin 102mm turbos, and the setup was just fighting itself instead of making power. Wagler estimated there was almost a 1,000 horsepower loss, and the truck is noticeably stronger than it was at UCC with the twin setup. Wagler says they’re still thinking about revisiting the turbo/supercharger setup, but for now we’ll just enjoy the glorious noise and flames!




West Coast Diesels Shines

Truck Pulls and a Massive Show Invades the Bay Area

More than 40 trucks took the stage at West Coast Diesel’s 2nd Annual Show N’ Shine and Truck Pulls this last weekend, where powdercoating, chrome, and horsepower were all on display. There was everything from a highly-modified 2018 Peterbilt semi, to a myriad of show trucks, to the night’s sled pulling action, where both gas and diesel trucks hooked to the sled. If you’re near the Santa Rosa, California area next year, make sure to check out the show!



Hunting 4 Horsepower

Big Power Numbers from Alligator Performance and the Northwest Dyno Circuit

Hunting for Horsepower is one of the country’s premier events, and is always responsible for some big numbers. The top dog this year was Donovan Harris’ Ram, as the Dynomite Diesel Performance-sponsored truck cracked the 2K barrier with a 2,033-horsepower dyno pull. If you weren’t some wild unlimited-HP truck that’s OK though, as the Northwest Dyno Circuit had classes for every type of truck, from small twins to big singles, to the wild unlimited-turbo trucks. For full results go check out northwestdynocircuit.com.



More Pulling Action

The PPL Continues its Midwest Tour

The Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League is one of the largest pulling organizations in the country, and they put on quite a show. For those wishing to check out tractors, semis, and the insane ARP Super Stock Diesel pullers, the PPL will continue to put on a show through October. They were in Wheatland, MO this weekend (the 15th), where Erik Stacey in the Smokin’ Ya HD truck took the win. If you’d like to witness some awesome pulling, they’ll be in Jefferson, OH on Sept 30th, and Julian, NC on Oct 6th and 7th.

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