Diesel News 2.24.20

Truck of the Week


Old Iron Revival

Nothing is better for the imagination than having a chop shop in your backyard. For Jason Bliesner, the wild projects he concocts in his mind usually end up becoming reality. For his latest trick, he plans to stuff a 12-cylinder Detroit into a ’49 Ford COE. The old V-12 is a two-stroke, so it’s bound to make some noise, and in an effort to embrace its signature exhaust note wholeheartedly, Jason plans to run zoomie headers. Whether or not he can cram the 4,300-pound, 13.97 liter, 852 cubic inch all-iron Detroit underneath the cab remains to be seen—but we have a feeling Jason will make it happen.



How to Kill a Duramax

Nothing tests the limits of a built Duramax quite like BroDozer does. After the Wagler engine’d monster truck torched a piston recently while performing on the 2020 Monster Jam circuit, the engine made its way back to Wagler Competition Products’ Odon, Indiana mecca to be torn down, the failure diagnosed, repaired, and the engine made even stronger. The high-powered Duramax that went back together sported a set of Ross pistons with deep valve pockets, thermal coating, and closed bowls. You can see Wagler’s engine doing work in person by checking out a Monster Jam event near you.

Source: https://waglercompetition.com/



UCC’s Defending Champ Makes Fueling Changes

2019 Ultimate Callout Challenge winner, Derek Rose of DNR Customs, is still aboard the Dynomite Diesel Products train for 2020, but he’ll be trying different injectors to stay ahead of the competition on the dyno. With so much going on at UCC, many don’t know that competitors often make injector changes (among about a thousand other things) in between competitions. In Derek’s case, a different set of injectors is used for the dyno and track. With DDP’s injectors already landing him in the winner’s circle last May, will these new 5.9L body units do the same? Tune in to UCC 2020 on May 1-3 to see for yourself…

Source: https://dynomitediesel.com/



2020 Super Duty on the Dyno

Long time Power Stroke guru, Dustin Woodhouse, put his 2020 Super Duty on the dyno recently to find out what Ford’s latest 1,050 lb-ft 6.7L Power Stroke can send to the wheels. Uncorrected, his blue four-door beauty put down 400-rwhp and 1,001 lb-ft of torque. Corrected numbers came to nearly 480 hp at the wheels (Dustin lives at 6,000 feet of elevation), and we have reports of another 2020 making 476hp, so Ford’s new engine and 10-speed transmission combo is no slouch. Further validating the numbers, the truck was run on the Dynojet at Haller’s Repair, a dyno that’s known for its accuracy.

Source: https://www.hallersrepair.com/




New Pro Street Rule in ODSS

With the 2020 Outlaw Diesel Super Series season quickly approaching, the Pro Street class’s minimum weight rule has been changed to 4,400 pounds. In addition, all Pro Street vehicles will be weighed on the scales once per event, as well as scaled before or after each qualifying and elimination pass. The revision came late in the off-season, but it may just be the shot in the arm the Pro Street class needs to get participation back up for 2020. After all, the amendment allows competitors with 25.3, 25.4, 25.5, and 25.6 certified cages to compete in the Pro Street field.

Source: https://www.outlawdieselss.com/




Pro-Limited Class Added to Sun Coast Spring Shakedown

Spicing things up at the first ODSS race of the year at Emerald Coast Dragway in Holt, Florida, the Pro-Limited class will be held for the second year in a row. The heads-up category limits power adders according to race weight, which makes for an exciting field to watch. For example, vehicles weighing between 3,500 and 4,000 pounds are limited to a 75mm off the shelf BorgWarner turbo on fuel-only, while a truck tipping the scales at more than 6,000 pounds is allowed to utilize a 94mm BorgWarner or 88mm Garrett GTX5533R. There are no tire limitations in Pro-Limited, but an 8.50 or SFI 25.6 certification that’s up to date is required.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10158169797109138&set=a.481287349137&type=3&theater


Parts Rack


Massively Upgraded Duramax Oil Filter

New from Pacific Performance Engineering is this monster of an oil filter for 2001-2019 Duramax engines. It’s a bolt on piece, no adaptor needed. With an extra quart of capacity and twice the filtering area, filtering down to 5 micron, we’re sure this will be the new standard for Duramax enthusiasts.

Source: PPEDiesel.com

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